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Triarii Protectors

Brigade Insignia of the Triarii Protectors
Triarii Protectors
Formed 3081
Affiliation The Republic of the Sphere
Parent Command Republic Armed Forces


The Triarii Protectors are a military organization of The Republic of the Sphere. Each Prefecture has a Triarii Protector regiment manned by green troops who are devoted to Devlin Stone's ideals. Like Nicholas Kerensky's actions when founding the Clans,[1] Devlin Stone mixed the composition of the Protector regiments by integrating troops from every House, nation, and Prefecture rather than dividing them by regional loyalty. This forces the soldiers to discard any preconceptions they may have about their fellows, improving their cohesion and reinforcing the successful practices of The Republic.

Like the Knights of the Inner Sphere, the Protectors see themselves as ambassadors as well as soldiers and are often in the public eye as the face of the Republic Armed Forces. More than merely "parade ground" troops, they also develop their political and diplomatic skills while interacting with the members of various factions. When a Protector gains enough experience (both combat and diplomatic) they are often promoted into the Hastati Sentinels or Principes Guards.

The Triarii Protectors are also important because they were the first Republic unit that wasn't created by melding military units gifted to the Republic of the Sphere. Instead the Triarii Protectors are the first native Republic brigade.[2]

After the Blackout and the rise of the Fortress Republic's walls, the Triarii Protectors raised four new regiments.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Triarii Protectors
Brigadier General Drago McKenzie 3145[4]


Different per Unit.

Units of the Triarii Protectors[edit]

The Triarii Protector regiments are built around a single BattleMech battalion, supported by three armor regiments, three infantry regiments and a battalion each of artillery and AeroSpace support.[5]

The Triarii Protector regiments are numbered by the Republic Prefecture where they serve. Therefore the 1st Triarii Protectors are based in Prefecture I of the Republic, the 2nd Triarii Protectors are based in Prefecture II, etc. The ten regiments raised prior to the formation of Fortress Republic are:

The following Triarii Protector regiments were raised after Fortress Republic:


It is unclear how the Triarii Protectors reacted to Jonah Levin's activation of the Fortress Republic plan. Some units may have refused to abandon their duty stations while others would likely obey the recall order.


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