Triton Missile Submarine

Triton Missile Submarine.JPG
Triton Missile Submarine
Production information
Manufacturer Jeanette Naval Yards
Use Heavy Fire Support, Undersea Mobile Command Center
Tech Base Star League (Nontournment Legal)
Chassis Type (Size) Naval Vessel (Large Template D)
Equipment Rating
Cost  ???
Introduced 3061[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 12,000
Speed 3
Top Speed 32.4 km/h
Power Plant Fusion
Fuel (Type/Range) Unlimited Range
Armament 6 x Arrow IV Artillery Launchers
6 x LR Torpedo/20 Launchers
Heat Sinks 0
Armor (BAR 10) 39 tons
Crew 16 officers
24 enlisted/non-rated
54 gunners
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0)  ???


The Triton Missile Submarine was developed by the Draconis Combine after liberating the world of Jeanette during Operation Bulldog. DCMS High Command decided to try an experimental missile submarine design to defend such worlds based on ancient Terran examples. For expense reasons, High Command decided to not include WarShip-grade Capital Weapons in their new submarine, planning instead for it to act as a tactical Fire Support vessel. In addition, they designed the ship to function as a mobile undersea command post, following lessons learned from the Clan Invasion.[2][3]

The Triton Class was constructed to provide artillery fire support for troops, especially those for those equipped with TAG. In peace time, the ship can be used a transport vessel, since the hull was based on that of civilian cargo vessels and nearly half its mass is given over to cargo space. This also gives the ship long duration for its crew, which has prompted some civilian authorities to have the Tritons built for civilian use.[2][3]

As of 3070 only three ships of the class were constructed, as High Command was still evaluating these ships' performance and the economic feasibility for use on other worlds.[2][3] They eventually would proved themselves a success and were commissioned on other worlds prior to the Jihad. The Triton's' would entered service across the Combine in time to help bring the fight to the Word of Blake. During the mid-3070's the ship was modified to exchange cargo room for Sub-Capital Missile launchers.[4]

Armament and Capabilities[edit]

The main armament is six Shigunga Arrow IV artillery batteries, arranged with three along each side and with three tons of missiles per battery ready to fire. The ship's only close-in weaponry are six 20-tube Long Range Torpedo launchers with three mounted in the bow and one launcher mounted in each of the left, right, and rear firing arcs. Only six tons of ammunition are provided for the torpedo launchers, although since it is not meant to engage in direct combat this amount is considered adequate. Where the designers did not skimp on was protection, as nearly forty tons of armor is the maximum amount which can be mounted on a vessel this size. This armoring also means the Triton is perfectly capable of breaking through thick ocean ice.[2][3]

Other features of the Triton include ten tons of Communication Equipment, allowing the submarine to act as a fully-functional underwater command post, as well as Docking Thrusters, a Field Kitchen, ten maritime escape pods, a MASH unit with one operating theater, and a Searchlight mounted on the front of the ship. Twenty second-class passenger quarters provide adequate accommodations for the crew.[2][3]

Cargo Capacity[edit]

The Triton class can carry 5,975 tons of cargo accessible through four access doors, three located in the bow and one in the stern.[2][3]


  • Piranha Triton 
    This variant of the Triton appeared as soon as the Kuritans acquired Sub-Capital Missile technology, refitting their submersibles to make them equally potent in the planetary defense and strategic bombardment roles.[5]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Triton Missile Submarine has the following Design Quirk.[3]

Known ships of the Class[edit]

  • DCS Triton
  • DCS Polaris
  • DCS Athens


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