Triumph TRO3057r.png
Production information
Manufacturer Aldis Industries
BBP Industries
Rashpur-Owens Incorporated
Production Year 2593[1]
Use Troop Carrier
Type Military Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere[2]
Technical specifications
Mass 8,600[2] tons
Structural Integrity 11[2]
Length 129[2] meters
Width 120.2[2] meters
Height 43[2] meters
Drive System Delano 1070[2]
Safe Thrust 1.5 g[2]
Max Thrust 2.5 g[2]
Fuel (tons) 383 tons[2]
Fuel (days) 208.2 days[2]
Armament 1x PPC
1x AC/10
2x AC/5
1x LRM-20
2x LRM-15s
1x LRM-10
2x Large Lasers
8x Medium Lasers[2]
Armor 35 tons standard
Fore: 15[2]
Sides: 14[2]
Aft: 12[2]
Crew 15[2]
Escape Pods/Life Boats 4/3[2]
Heat Sinks 112[2]
BV (1.0) 2,899[3][2]
BV (2.0) 2,812[citation needed]


One of the largest aerodyne DropShips produced, the squat and unglamorous Triumph-class was also one of the most versatile and resilient designs in common use throughout all the Successor States naval fleets.[4][5][2]

The vessel's distinctive look was born of an attempt to balance aerodynamic maneuverability and rapid off-loading of its battalion of combat vehicles. The large and easily accessible cargo bays were also highly adaptable, with many Triumphs modified to carry AeroSpace Fighters, BattleMechs and even surface naval craft. Even with relatively easy and fast cargo off-loading times, like many troop carriers, the Triumph was not designed to enter contested territory and its meager armor and weaponry left the class extremely vulnerable to hostile fire.[4][5][2]


Focused toward its role as a troop carrier, the Triumph had a fairly light amount of weapons, with a nose-mounted PPC, AC/10, LRM-20 and twin medium lasers, supported by an AC/5, LRM-15, a large laser and two mediums in each wing. The rear of the craft was protected by a single LRM-10 and two medium lasers, ensuring that the craft rarely entered contested territory without protection from AeroSpace Fighters and fellow DropShips.[4][5][2]


Three huge cargo bays on the lowest decks of the craft gave the Triumph the capacity to carry a complete armored vehicle battalion, easily accessible via the two large doors in the DropShip's sides. Two 1,000 ton capacity bays were located in the aft portion of the vessel, normally reserved for supplies and parts as restricted floor space limited them to four vehicles. Despite their limited access they were almost ideal for carrying 'Mechs, a common modification.[4][5][2]


  • Upgrade 
    BBP Industries of Luthien unveiled an advanced-tech redesign of the Triumph in 3057, attempting to combat the venerable craft's lackluster weapons array, trading out the AC/10 for a gauss rifle, the standard model PPC for an ER PPC, switching the large lasers for extended range models, trading two standard mediums for medium pulse lasers, and adding Artemis IV FCS to all the LRM launchers. While representing fairly minor changes to the armament, unlike many other lostech refits, BBP also attempted to redress some of the other annoyances of the Triumph, replacing the single large vehicle bay ramp with a pair of narrower ones which provides simultaneous access to both upper and lower bays, while also allowing the crew to shift vehicles about while in flight. The smaller bays were also factory upgraded to include four 'Mech cubicles that allowed the upgraded Triumph to transport a 'Mech lance, as well as the armor battalion.[2] BV (1.0) = 3,160[6], BV (2.0) = 3,282

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