Tsen Shang

Tsen Shang
Tsen Shang 3052.jpg
Died8 May 3052[2]
AffiliationCapellan Confederation
Position(s)Director of the Maskirovka[3]
SpouseRomano Liao[4]
ChildrenSun-Tzu Liao[4]
Kali Liao

Tsen Shang was a Capellan Confederation MechWarrior and spymaster who rose up from the ranks to become the Director of the Maskirovka and consort to Romano Liao. He was born in the city of Cho Dalos on the world of Yangtze.[citation needed]

A man of Asian descent, Shang styled his appearance on that of Maximilian Liao, having long razor sharp nails on his pinkie fingers.


Early Life[edit]

Shang was a MechWarrior who was part of what became known as the Liao's Lost Legion. An unnamed Liao military formation defeated by House Marik forces for control of the world of Shuen Wan during the Third Succession War but is identified by their addiction to the Shuen Wan's fruit known as Kincha.[5]

Post–Third Succession War[edit]

Shang joined the Maskirovka or "Mask" as a spy and Intelligence Agent. He was later sent to Solaris VII as Liao's spymaster.

Using the guise of an owner of a small Solaris Stable consisting of two Heavy 'Mechs,[6] he hired various individuals for mercenary and spy missions on behalf of the House Liao in secret. He had been known to employ retired Solaris Champion Gray Noton in such activities. In November 3026, Noton, under the order of Shang, raided the world of Kittery where he was to destroy the newly formed 1st Kittery Training Battalion. Noton's battalion was repulsed by the cadets, and Noton returned with only downing a single Valkyrie BattleMech. Later being rewarded in January by Shang for crippling the unit's commander, Major Justin Allard using a fixed Solaris match to play for Noton's mission.[5]

Shang begins to take notice of Justin Xiang meteoric rise in the ranks of Solaris warriors and his victories in the name of his Capellan people.

Tsen Shang discovers the body of Gray Noton in his office.[7] Shang searches for the files Noton had promised to sell him, but finds only an empty vault. As he inspected Noton's neck, he assumes it was Xiang's doing. He later confronts him at gun point demanding Noton's files. Justin tells him he had destroyed the files for Shang's own benefit. Justin explains that the files were passenger manifest of the star liner, the Silver Eagle. He tells Shang he recognized his parent's cover names.

On order of Chancellor Maximilian Liao, Shang drugs Justin after his victory over Philip Capet. He takes him and Yen-Lo-Wang to Sian, where he brings Justin before the Chancellor. There, he is promoted for his success on Solaris VII and given the position of analyst and to work long side Justin. The two become friends after working with one another.

During this time, Romano Liao began to cultivate a relationship with him.[8] Trying to bring him under her control so she could have a Pet Analyst at her beck and call. He later joined Justin in forming an elite "Crisis team" by order of the Chancellor. Basing him in the Palace itself, which exposed him further to Romano's whims. Tsen's relationship with Justin begins to falter as he grows more attracted to Romano. On Terra, Justin questions his loyalty to the partnership/friendship after an assassination attempt on Justin's father Quintus Allard.[9]

Later, during the wedding, Morgan Hasek-Davion reveals in toast that Melissa Steiner was aboard the Silver Eagle. Tsen speculates that Kurita intelligence covered up the fact they failed to grab her.[10] He and the rest party rush to their DropShips after Hanse Davion announces he would be giving his new wife the Confederation as his gift to her.

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Reports of the war pour into the Crisis team of first wave of the Davion invasion of the Confederation. Shang has been trying to keep Romano calm, as she is upset about 1st Kearny Highlanders' departure from her world of Highspire.[11]

In December 21, 3028, the Chancellor comes to Crisis's teams office in the palace. He shows a holovid message from Lord Colonel Pavel Ridzik giving word that Tikonov has fallen to House Davion and advocates a plan to return it to Capellan control. Chancellor Liao is highly suspicious of the Colonel, demanding Shang and Xiang to confirm. Shang and Xiang say the plan is feasible, but the intelligence that the Colonel presents differs from the information being passed by the traitorous Duke Michael.[12] Tsen tells the Chancellor that Duke Michael's information shows weakness in the Davion force's defenses. With hungry tiger eyes, Chancellor demands to be told more.

Tsen points out that six worlds are being as key supply lines. He indicates by hitting these key worlds with their store houses on them, the offensive campaign into the Confederations would stop.[13] Chancellor ask Justin Xiang his opinion of the plan. He has indicated that he favors it as well and something else. Shang supplies that one of the supply worlds may hold research base developing new kind of 'Mech or parts.[14]

In May 22nd, 3029, he had unpleasant duty report that Fifth Wave of Davion's campaign has struck deep into the Confederacy, including the world of Sarna.[15]

The Chancellor is given message by ComStar Precentor of Sian, Villius Tejh. The letter indicates a Davion agent had breached ComStar's Interdiction of House Davion and sent a warning message regarding the Confederation's sneak attack against Kathil.[16] Shang goes over his records, and through them he believes the traitor is Alexi Malenkov. The Chancellor immediately his death and had Shang seek him out and execute him.[16] In meeting that followed the Malenkov's arrest. Justin advocates keep Alexi alive to put him extract him information from him. Shang harshly laughs at Justin's efforts an comparison it Justin's efforts get victory with his "myomor fibers" technology. Justin shoots back him, says that since he House Liao's Master Planner, that he failed to deploy these powerful forces to confront the enemy.[17] Romano tells Justin, she told Shang not deploy them since she wishes them be here. This foreshadows Shang in doing her bidding instead of what strategically correct - use of the newly enhance 'Mechs.

3030 through 3052[edit]

After the war, he and Romano became officially consorts. They had children together, he had made head Director of the Maskirovka in 3036 and given title of Prefect of the Capellan Commonality.

He led the Maskirovka with a steady hand but it suffered from Romano's increasing abuse.

Over the course decades, his relationship between him and his consort Romano Liao grew distant. Her fits paranoia, made difficult for him, as she isolated him from their children and well taking her anger on him. He grew more frustrated by having do carry out unreasonable orders from her to get out of her presence.[1]

He and Romano traveled to Outreach invitation of Colonel Jaime Wolf regarding threat of the Clans.

In 3052, he and his consort Romano were assassinated in their sleep at the Celestial Palace on Sian. Unknown to public, their deaths were personally caused by his sister-in-law, Candice Liao, for the murder of her husband and Shang’s former friend, Justin Allard. [2]

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