Tsinghai 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates-2.852 : -152.286[e]
Spectral classK4V[1]
Recharge station(s)Zenith[1]

System Description[edit]

Tsinghai is located near the Campertown and Old Kentucky systems.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Tsinghai V[edit]

Tsinghai V
Tsinghai Flag.jpg
Also known asNew Sarna[1]
System positionFifth[1]
Jump Point distance4 days[1]
Atmospheric pressure(Breathable)
Highest native lifePlant[1]
History and Culture
Population4,158,000,000 (3025)[1]
Government and Infrastructure
Political LeaderDiem of Tsinghai
CapitalKokonor (2996)[18]
Jingdao (3031)[47]
HPG ClassB[1]
HPG RepresentativePrecentor Mohammend Ra[1]

Planetary History[edit]

Originally called New Sarna, Tsinghai served as a prefecture capital world in the Sarna Supremacy. After the Supremacy joined the Capellan Confederation, Tsinghai's residents turned to mining and the export of nuclear fuel as the cornerstone of their economy.[1]

First Succession War[edit]

Tsinghai was part of the Capellan Confederation until was lost to the Free Worlds League during the First Succession War.[18]

Third Succession War[edit]

In 2996, Capellan Chancellor Maximilian Liao launched a limited offensive to retake the world, with the Prefectorate Guard, Warrior House Hiritsu and the Fifth Reserve Cavalry regiments. Skylar Orloff, duke of the Orloff Duchy, was surprised on planet, trying to convince the planetary governor to join his duchy. But thanks to the sacrifice of the majority of the Grenadiers, was evacuated successfully. The planet, however, was retaken easily by the Confederation forces.[18] Resistance to the occupation continued for two months, until amidst a riot in Derricote Bay, Colonel Garmin Doslic, commander of the local transition forces, set Guards on the rioters, ending with nearly two hundred dead.[48]

Over the course of the Succession Wars, more and more industry was transferred from other worlds near Sarna to Tsinghai. Eventually Tsinghai became a planet-sized industrial complex. After a series of raids by bandits and the Free Worlds League, Tsinghai's industrial capacity was reduced and much of the population killed or driven off-world. In 3025, the remaining residents focused their energy on creating some of the finest wines in the Confederation.[1]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Following the speech given by First Prince Hanse Davion on the 16th of November 3029, the official day of thanks in the Federated Suns, contained a number of revelations including the creation of the St. Ives Compact and was taken by many as an open sign that the Fourth Succession War was close to ending.[49] The Armed Forces of the Federated Suns launched the Seventh Wave of Operation RAT shortly after, in a determined effort to secure as many systems as possible for an armistice was declared. The Seventh Wave capitalized on negotiations that had been conducted in secret between the Federated Suns and various planetary governments in the remnants of the Sarna Commonality who lacked defenses and were far more fearful of being annexed by the Free Worlds League, a state hated for centuries of raids and invasions, than they were the Federated Suns. In the last week of November the AFFS occupied thirteen systems, encountering little resistance, and relatively few troops were needed to provide a garrison to maintain calm.[50]

Tsinghai was the exception during the Seventh Wave; in contrast with the thirteen easily annexed worlds, Tsinghai had a front-line garrison, consisting of a battalion from the Fifth Confederation Reserve Cavalry and the First Battalion of Preston's Lancers. Without much time to plan, the Capellan Operations Command of the AFFS attempted to use numbers to compensate for a lack of information and planning time, and deployed two regiments of the Twelfth Vegan RangersGamma and Delta Regiments, respectively—and the complete Twentieth Avalon Hussars Regimental Combat Team. The task force landed on Tsinghai on the 8th of December, with the Vegan Rangers targeting the Fifth CRC while the Twentieth Hussars engaged Preston's Lancers. The Rangers were able to bracket the Fifth CRC troops in a long valley, using numbers to their advantage and outflanking the Cavalry; the Cavalry had luck on their side, and were able to fight through to their DropShips and abandon Tsinghai after losing only half their strength.[51]

Preston's Lancers were able to avoid being encircled by the Hussars, breaking through the Hussars' line, but were soon being attacked by the Hussars' aerospace fighters and a regiment of hovertanks. The Lancers retreated into the Hornatio Valley, a twisting river valley, with the Hussars in close pursuit. The Lancers launched several ambushes against the more numerous Hussar forces, until the Hussars dispatched a 'Mech battalion and an armored regiment around to the river delta and used their other forces to drive the Lancers towards them. The Hussars' trap was successful, and after two days of combat in the river delta a single company of Lancers managed to escape, leaving the planet under Federated Suns control.[51]

Marik Invasion[edit]

In 3031, the planetary rulers hired the new Black Widow Battalion to defend their world after discovering from the compromised SAFE spy network on planet that it was a target of the Duchy of Orloff. In 3032 during the midst of the Andurien Secession, hawkish members of the Parliament who had felt Captain-General Janos Marik had not done enough during the Fourth War pressured his regent Thomas Marik to take some proactive action against the Steiner-Davion alliance. Unwilling to commit the untested Fourth Free Worlds Guards in subduing the Anduriens, Thomas attempted to both appease the hawks in parliament and give the unbloodied unit a chance to prove itself, allowing the Fourth's commanding officer Colonel Veena Ligacescu to launch an attack against the Sarna March world of Tsinghai in February. With intelligence indicating only minimal resistance, success seemed a foregone conclusion.[52][47][53]

Much to the new Fourth's shock, the planet was defended by the also newly reformed Black Widow Battalion. Natasha Kerensky led the sub-unit of Wolf's Dragoons and effortlessly proved their elite status by shattering the Fourth so badly that the survivors chose to defect to Federated Commonwealth rather than return home to the League. As they feared, Captain-General Janos Marik was enraged by this betrayal, and the disgraced Fourth Free Worlds Guards were permanently disbanded and struck from the rolls of the FWLM.[52][47][53]

Military Deployment[edit]







  • Twelfth Vegan Rangers[56]


  • Twelfth Vegan Rangers[57]


  • Twelfth Vegan Rangers[58]



- The unit was deployed across Old Kentucky, Tsinghai, and Campertown. The Seventh was at 70% of full strength, with 75% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.


- The Fifth was operating at 70% of full strength at this point in time.

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Jingdao: capital city[47]
  • Kwaidong Mountains[47]
  • Tienshiang: a city[47]
  • Derricote Bay: a city[48]
    • Marshall Park: a suburban neighborhood[48]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 60 systems (60 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Campertown 7.5 Old Kentucky 11.7 Chamdo 13.2 Wazan 14.6
Gorki 16.8 Lesalles 17.9 Harsefeld 18.2 Phact 18.5
Shui-pào 18.7 Ingersoll 20.1 Raballa 25.2 Ramen 25.2
Hassad 28.4 Corey 29.1 Chitwan 29.5 Ventabren 29.6
Bandora 29.8 Second Chance 30.0 Bithinia 30.7 Chengdu 32.3
Propus 32.9 Elnath 33.0 Ohrensen 33.4 Masterson 34.0
New Delos 37.0 Jilin 37.5 Yunnah 39.2 Ulan Bator 40.9
Bora 42.0 Eom 42.3 Suzano 42.6 Ilmachna 43.8
Capella 45.5 Boardwalk 46.6 Vanra 46.8 Quemoy 47.3
Cordiagr 47.3 Kashilla 48.9 Park Place 49.2 Carbonis 50.4
Les Halles 50.8 Asuncion 51.3 Kurragin 51.3 Ling 51.6
Kohlman 51.6 Achilles 51.8 Second Try 52.1 Kievanur 52.6
Geifer 52.8 Gomeisa 53.0 Ibstock 53.5 Ilmar 54.8
Snailzar 56.2 Exedor 56.6 Aodh 57.0 Sarmaxa 57.2
Jasmine 57.3 Sarna 57.9 Kyrkbacken 58.3 Sichuan 58.3


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