Tuck's Tongue

Tuck's Tongue
Creature information
Type Coral analogue[1]
Homeworld Sherwood[1]
Environment Tropical equatorial regions[1]

Tuck's Tongue is a native life-form with similarities to Terran coral found in equatorial regions of Sherwood.[1]


Many people incorrectly consider the animal known as "Tuck's Tongue" to be a plant, based on its appearance; Tuck's Tongue is actually somewhat similar to Terran coral, found in tropical glades and clearings near Sherwood's equator. Tuck's Tongue is a colonial organism that moves very slowly, getting energy from a combination of symbiotic algae and the digestion of rotting organic matter. Physically, Tuck's Tongue resembles a human tongue, with a slightly bumpy deep red and green surface.[1]

The tiny nodules that form the bumps on the surface of Tuck's Tongue contain a virulent type of bufotoxin; while the toxin becomes inviable outside of the Tongue after a few minutes, it can be absorbed through exposed skin. The initial reaction resembles that of an encounter with something like Terran poison ivy, but within minutes becomes far more violent. Those affected by the toxin experience a combination of muscle spasms, hallucinations and extreme paranoia. The muscle spasms worsen over time, leading to death within ten to fiteen minutes of exposure from a combination of heart failure and respiratory collapse. While an antidote does exist, the combination of the swift action of the toxin and the difficulty in administering an antitoxin to someone undergoing hallucinations and enthusiastic paranoia present obvious problems in curing those who have been exposed.[1]



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