Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Molniya
In service until 2966


The Tundra was a Molniya-class corvette built by Clan Wolf. In 2966 the Tundra was one of four Molniyas deployed to Lum to fight a Trial of Possession for one of the factory stations at the L4 and L5 Lagrange points, and then recover the station as isorla back to Clan Wolf space. This was an attempt to compensate for the limitations in the existing Clan Wolf industrial base, which had been highlighted by the construction of the Tundra and her sister ships; Clan Wolf lacked the ability to reliably manufacture engines for WarShips, and had been forced to acquire the engines for the Tundra and the other ships of her class from Clan Snow Raven. Unfortunately, the Wolf plan was clumsily executed during the initial stages when the merchant caste agents responsible for gathering intelligence on the Snow Raven factories telegraphed their intentions. What the Wolves had hoped would be a carefully-executed and limited Trial turned into a debacle, as the Snow Ravens had arranged to have the entire Swift Wing Naval Assault Star stationed at Lum, along with the CSR Corvidae, the first York-class destroyer to have been produced by the Lum shipyards.[1]

After bargaining, the four Molniyas and their attached DropShips and fighters faced the Corvidae and a Cluster of fighters from Delta Galaxy; during the resulting battle the only bright point for the Wolf forces was the fierce last stand put up by the Tundra, whose crews' skilled gunnery and masterful use of capital missiles succeeded in earning the surviving two damaged Molniyas hegira after the Corvidae finished destroying the Tundra. The recriminations from the Trial of Lum would haunt the Wolves for decades, and in the aftermath of the battle the two damaged Molniyas were never repaired, while the two Molniyas that had not deployed on the Trial were subsequently scrapped.[1]


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