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Systems neighbouring Turin
Systems neighbouring Turin
System Information
X:Y Coordinates 21.186 : -367.858[e]
Star names 1
Spectral class G2V[1][2][3]
Recharge time 183 hours[2][3]
Recharge station(s) None (3025)[1]
Zenith (3067)[2][3]

Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Planetary flag of Turin
Planetary flag of Turin
System position 5th[1][2][3]
Jump point
9.12 days[2][3]
Moons 1 (Shroud)[2][3]
Surface gravity 1.02[2][3]
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Breathable)[2][3]
Equatorial temperature 32°C (Temperate)[2][3]
Surface water 23%[2][3]
Highest native life 20%, Reptile[1][2]
Reference Year 3079
Ruler Lord Frederick von Avon (3025)[1]
Lama Tsuma von Avon (3067)[2]
Capital Porter[3]
Population 3,267,000,000 (3025)
3,983,000,000 (3067)[2]
3,996,000,000 (3079)[3]
Socio-Industrial Levels C-D-C-D-A (3067)[2]
C-D-C-D-A (3079)[3]
HPG (Representative) B[1] (Precentor Richard Detamble (3025))[1]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary Geography[edit]

The world of Turin has a single continent named Turin,[3] and is a planet with few natural predators but vast, rolling grassy plains.[1]

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

The discovery that a native animal similar to the Terran cow could not only be interbred with actual Terran bovines but that the hybrid offspring were both fleshier and tastier than either was one of the most fortunate events in early space colonization.[1] Mating Terran steers with Turin bulls was so successful that grangers flocked to Turin in huge numbers.[2] Unfortunately, the milk from these hybrid animals proved to be indigestible to humans, but with Turin being a world of seemingly endless grassy plains the planet provided potentially excellent pasturage for cattle. While some dairies do exist on Turin, the cheese and milk they produce come exclusive from cows and goats.[1]

The Succession Wars[edit]

Towards the end of the Third Succession War[2] horse breeders on Turin used some of the few surviving Liao stallions and built up the horse breeding industry on Turin until the local horses came to rival the Eridani stallions of old.[1] This was part of a determined effort to perpetuate the Liao stallion population, and the program continued after the Fourth Succession War and the Andurien-Magistracy invasion; every year, Turin would see nobles from everywhere in the Confederation travel to the planet to purchase one of the Turin horses.[2]

Located three hundred kilometers south of the capital city, the coastal resort city of Salerno hosted its first Salerno Derby in 3054. Organised by Lama Tsuma von Avon, the Derby has since become an annual event, where the finest horses bred during the previous year are showcased, and forms the midweek highlight during a week of festivities and engagements. The Derby grew in popularity with each passing year, with the 3066 Salerno Derby bringing in more than a million visitors from across the Capellan Confederation; despite the relationship between the Free Worlds League and the Confederation in the late 3060s, three Sorundan stallions from the League were booked to enter the 3067 Derby, and the number of attendees was on course to outstrip that of the 3066 Derby.[2]

The Jihad[edit]

Although by the end of the Jihad in 3079 Turin lacks a garrison, it is the site of one of the Capellan Confederation's Duchy Regional Training Centres. Located in windy, mountainous terrain, the RTC has specialised in jump infantry training and is considered one of the Confederation's best in that field. Despite the focus on jump infantry training, the RTC also runs a vehicle training programme.[34] The Regional Training Centre was established in a facility left vacant when the 212th Flying Furies, a jump infantry regiment long associated with Turin, failed to return from its deployment during the Fourth Succession War.[2]

Military Deployment[edit]


Nearby Planets[edit]

Planets within 2 jumps (60 light-years)
Closest planets first:
Planet Distance (LY) Jumps 2750 3025 3030 3040 3052 3057 3062
Drozan 10.38 1 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Barras 13.82 1 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Jacomarie 17.05 1 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Principia 23.68 1 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Gunthar 23.87 1 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Sax 23.93 1 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Kurvasa 24.75 1 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Buenos Aires 26.27 1 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Niomede 28.10 1 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Calseraigne 29.74 1 CC FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL
Repulse 29.88 1 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Borden 30.64 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Andarmax 31.09 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Renown 36.60 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Bellatrix 37.20 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Shiba 42.64 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Dicon 43.04 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Prix 43.45 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Sadurni 43.55 2 CC FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL
New Roland 44.72 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Cavalor 44.90 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Pilpala 45.75 2 CC FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL
Decatur 46.30 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Egress 47.26 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Primus 51.68 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Vard 55.03 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Kasdach 55.29 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Sigma Mare 55.50 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Lurgatan 55.97 2 CC FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL
Columbine 58.60 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC


House Liao (The Capellan Confederation) gives the time to the local jump point from Turin as 8 days; this is contradicted by Handbook: House Liao and Objectives: Capellan Confederation, which give the distance as 9.12 days. The more recently published distance is the distance used in this article.


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