12th Vegan Rangers

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Insignia of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers
Twelfth Vegan Rangers
Formed 2820[1]
Previous Designation(s) Verlo Planetary Guard Force[1]
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent
Sub-Command(s) Alpha Regiment

Beta Regiment

Gamma Regiment

Delta Regiment

The Twelfth Vegan Rangers are a mercenary unit that has been active since the early Succession Wars.


Early Succession Wars[edit]

The unit was officially formed during the Second Succession War but its foundations were laid during the previous conflict.[2] The Twelfth Vegan Rangers can trace their roots back to the Duke of Verde's personal army, and prior to their conversion into a mercenary unit, they had a long history of serving House Nelson. In fact, even their very first origins go back to actions taken by a Nelson.[3]

During the First Succession War, Lawrence Helmund Nelson, rightful Duke of Verde, had been cast out from his homeworld and his title usurped. Aimless and exiled, he roamed the Galaxy, fighting in whatever Federated Suns unit would take him. During the battle of Nouveau Toulouse in 2813, he met Tariq al-Nahib, one of the surviving members of the Third Arkab Legion.[4] Though on opposite sides of that conflict the two became close friends and soon were known for wandering the devastated worlds along the Draconis CombineFederated Suns border, seeking to provide truth and justice to those in need.[4][5] During their travels, Nelson was inspired by the book "Eleven Against the Stars" written by John R. Loran, a Ranger in the Vega System.[6] Loran was one of eleven Rangers, men who patrolled the long, lonely routes between the two inhabited planets within the system. Nelson, on the run from enemies of his family and resonating with the ideals and plight of the original Rangers, named himself the Twelfth Vegan Ranger. In this guise, he and al-Nahib began building a mercenary unit to support his struggle to reclaim his birthright. Thus, the Twelfth Vegan Rangers were born.[6]

Nelson determined that the men and women of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers should live by the five main codes of behavior set out in Loran's book, which he dubbed The Rangers Code:

  1. A Ranger lives simply and honestly without delusions or manias.
  2. A Ranger values loyalty, but never follows others blindly.
  3. A Ranger must serve people, and not corporations.
  4. A Ranger must be prepared body, mind, and soul to fight for what is right.
  5. Above all, a Ranger must be free to follow his own destiny.[6]

Nelson's charisma and deep personal drive was magnetic, allowing him to recruit many of the best MechWarriors on the market at a fraction of their regular salary.[7]

Eventually, Nelson's journey took him back to his homeworld, where for two years he anonymously served the usurper Queen, simply enjoying being back on Verde. But the Ranger's hand was forced when his identity was exposed and the Queen dispatched a four-'Mech assassin team to kill him. Piloting his Wolverine alongside the loyal Tariq al-Nahib in his Locust, Nelson defeated the assassins and, with the help of his Twelfth Vegan Rangers, emerged victorious in the struggle for his throne.[5][6]

As the Nelsons settled back into their role as Dukes and Duchesses of Verde, the Rangers became their house guards. This continued until the Second Succession War, when, in order to avoid having the Rangers absorbed into the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns, Duke Solomon Nelson declared them once again a mercenary unit.[3] The Rangers earned Verde a great deal of wealth and garnered themselves a good working relationship with the Federated Suns.[6]

Third Succession War[edit]

The Twelfth Vegan Rangers were misreported to be a part of the Draconis Combine force that attacked Harrow's Sun in the Fourth Battle of Harrow's Sun in May 3020. This was later clarified to be a similarly named DCMS unit, and not the pro-Davion Rangers. (See notes section below.)

The Twelfth Vegan Rangers were most famous for their part in The Galtor Campaign, on what was then the disputed border between the Federated Suns and the Draconis Combine. They staged a nighttime combat drop on the Seventeenth Benjamin Regulars' position, which allowed the surrounded Thirty-third Avalon Hussars to escape from their grasp.[8] A month later, they combat dropped on the Seventeenth again, this time to prevent a breakout. The Rangers also faced the First Amphigean Light Assault Group and the Fifth Galedon Regulars regiments during this battle.

In a later action, the Rangers and Bremond Draconis March Militia prevented the three Combine regiments from reinforcing the Fifth Sword of Light[8] and seized control of a Star League-era supply depot that the Fifth Sword of Light had previously captured. Shortly after this victory, the Rangers were relieved by Draconis March Militia units and returned to Verde to rest and refit.[8]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

During Operation RAT, the Twelfth Vegan Rangers were contracted by the Federated Suns to support their offensive into the Capellan Confederation. In Wave One, Alpha and Beta Regiments of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers assisted in the capture of St. Andre, squaring off against Justinia's Cuirassiers and the Blackwind Lancers. Using a wily combination of false transmissions and clever unit positioning, the Rangers and their allies in the Davion Light Guards were able to lure both mercenary units into ambushes that successfully forced their surrender. Alpha and Beta remained on St. Andre while Gamma and Delta Regiments captured Poznan, overrunning the planetary militia forces there and installing a friendly garrison after liberating the ethnic Spanish population from the planet's mostly Chinese-descended ruling class. With Poznan thusly secure, Gamma and Delta redeployed to fight on Buchlau during Wave Two.[9]

In Waves Three and Four of Operation RAT, Gamma and Delta fought on Kansu and Shipka, easily overwhelming planetary forces stationed there and capturing a cache of JumpShip parts. In Wave Five, one of Gamma's battalions was deployed to Zaurak and forced to deal with its extremely hostile weather conditions. Despite suffering losses, they again succeeded in helping AFFS forces secure the planet. Meanwhile, Delta Regiment and the other two battalions of Gamma battled Sung's Cuirassiers for control of Wei. Due to the Cuirassier's reputation, and intelligence that suggested chemical weapons might be used against attackers, there was some hesitation about the amount of forces that would be necessary to combat them. The Rangers, even aware of the increased risks, proudly took the job. Although the Capellans attempted to gas the Rangers three times, the Rangers suffered surprisingly few losses. At the Battle of Bonganville Highway, however, the Rangers met the Cuirassiers head-on. In a brutal fight, the Rangers managed to break the Cuirassiers' lines, despite being under threat of nerve gas and losing nearly two battalions worth of troops.[10]

After obtaining reinforcements from the AFFS, the Twelfth Vegan Rangers were again redeployed, this time to the world of Palos. There, the Rangers lost a DropShip to hostile fire and due to concessions made to the civilian inhabitants of the world, were ambushed several times while attempting to ameliorate their concerns. Colonel Nelson of Delta Regiment immediately removed all hearts and minds policies and took the fight to the enemy, quickly encircling the Capellan defenders. Col. Nelson offered the defenders' commanding officer a chance to surrender, which was declined. The Rangers telecast the resulting battle, which caused the remaining Capellan forces on the planet to either leave or surrender.[10]

In the Seventh Wave, Gamma and Delta Regiments joined the Twentieth Avalon Hussars in assaulting Tsinghai, where they smashed the resistance offered by the Fifth Confederation Reserve Cavalry and a battalion of Preston's Lancers. Only a single company of the Lancers managed to escape destruction. By the close of 3039, the Rangers had returned to New Aragon to refit and await reassignment.[10]

War of 3039 and Operation GUERRERO[edit]

War of 3039[edit]

Based on their service and success in the Fourth Succession War, the Twelfth Vegan Rangers were granted garrisons on four of the recently conquered worlds in the newly established Sarna March. They took up station on the uneasy border between the Federated Suns and the resentful Capellan Confederation, occupying Campertown, Old Kentucky, Tsinghai, and Chamdo. It would not be long before the Rangers saw combat again, as they were once more called upon by the AFFS, this time to assist them in the War of 3039. The Rangers' Gamma and Delta Regiments were deployed to Telos IV and Nashira under contract to the newly formed Federated Commonwealth to help establish a FedCom foothold on those worlds. Although the two regiments quickly secured both planets, holding them proved to be another story. Misallocation of relieving garrison forces, coupled with nonstop partisan and kamikaze attacks by locals and hidden Kuritan agents slowly eroded Gamma and Delta's morale.[11]

When the First and Second Genyosha arrived on Nashira, they set about harrying the Ranger and First FedCom garrison forces, engaging in a drawn-out guerrilla war that culminated in the use of chemical weapons at the Battle of Raven Ridge. Though the attack could not be traced to either side, the FedCom forces highly suspected that it was the work of the Genyosha regiments. After the attack, the First FedCom and what was left of Delta Regiment were ordered to withdraw back to Errai.[11]

Similarly, the arrival of the Second Benjamin Regulars on Telos IV signaled the start of a long, bloody slog against both DCMS and local irregular forces. Ultimately, the Regulars were able to stage a raid on the DropShips of the FedCom and Ranger units stationed there, robbing them of valuable supplies. Due to logistical issues, the FedCom commanding officer planetside was unable to replace the missing supplies and so was forced to withdraw, taking Gamma Regiment with her.[11]

Both Gamma and Delta Regiments had suffered heavy losses in the protracted occupations, and, after regrouping at Errai, had returned their garrison worlds by the start of 3040.[11]

In 3048, Margrave Sheridan Douglass retired from his command role, selecting Tom Stancel as his replacement in a historic decision— Stancel would be the first leader of the Rangers who was not of Verde's royal houses in many generations. Stancel was additionally recognized as a full General by the AFFC, an honor rarely afforded to mercenaries, as their hierarchy traditionally topped out at Brigadier General.[2]

Operation GUERRERO[edit]

The Rangers maintained their hold on the Sarna March borders until September 3057, when Operation GUERRERO was authorized by the Free Worlds League and the Capellan Confederation. In a sudden offensive, Capellan Confederation Armed Forces, backed by hired mercenary units, struck all four of the Rangers' garrison worlds at the same time. This strategy cut the Rangers off from mutual support and pinned them in place to fight separately against overwhelming odds. One by one, the regiments were forced to fall back towards Federated Suns territory, first lighting on Corey and then falling back yet again to Second Try. But the CCAF was moving too quickly, and had already secured both of those worlds during their lightning advance. Once again the Twelfth Vegan Rangers were forced to retreat, this time splitting into two task forces: Alpha and Beta Regiments would pull back in one direction while Gamma and Delta Regiments headed in another. Alpha and Beta were able to successfully fall back to New Aragon, where they reinforced the First Aragon Borderers against any further Capellan aggression.[7]

Gamma and Delta Regiments, however, were not so lucky. Forced to use pirate points to avoid the blockades of the CCAF and their allied mercenaries, the two regiments emerged at Pleione, which they found occupied by Brion's Legion. Expecting an easy fight, as they had faced the Legion in battle previously and found them wanting, the two regiments attacked. Unfortunately, the Legion had been growing and training since the last time they and the Rangers had met on the field of battle, and the Rangers were grossly undersupplied and understrength from their withdrawal. Gamma and Delta Regiments lost their commanding officers as both Colonel Connie Desantis and Colonel Alex Greene died in the resulting carnage. The additional loss of Gamma's executive officer annihilated the chain of command and forced Desantis' daughter Christie to step up and lead what was left of both regiments in a fighting retreat back to the eventual safety of Algol.[7]


When General Stancel finally took stock of his unit's losses, he realized that there was hardly anything left of what had used to be Delta Regiment. He decided to fold the remaining survivors into the battered Beta Regiment, where they were welcomed by Colonel Miller al-Nahib with open arms. Feeling that his regiment's previous nickname: "The Victories," was a bit tasteless in the wake of the series of bloody defeats the Rangers had been handed, Colonel al-Nahib opened up the unit's name to a vote. The survivors elected to name their new blended regiment after Colonel Greene's fallen BattleMech: "Metal Mayhem," in honor of his and Delta's loss.[7]

In honor of her initiative, spirit, and prowess in leading the surviving Rangers back from Pleione, General Stancel confirmed Christie Desantis as the new commanding officer of Gamma Regiment, a historical first. Before Christie, no descendant had ever inherited their title from their forebear, but General Stancel felt that the new Colonel Desantis had more than earned her position.[7]

As the Regiment counted its dead, licked its wounds, and began to rebuild its strength, they started to blame Katherine Steiner-Davion and her secession from the Federated Commonwealth for their fate. They reasoned that if Lyran Alliance units had not been recalled from the volatile Sarna March, things may have gone differently for the FedCom forces and allied mercenaries stationed there. The already markedly pro-Davion unit grew more strongly in favor of Victor Steiner-Davion as General Stancel sought other avenues outside of the Federated Commonwealth to refit and resupply his unit, feeling that they would receive little help from official FedCom channels.[7][12]

FedCom Civil War[edit]


The Twelfth Vegan Rangers' Alpha Regiment was still on New Aragon when the first shots of the Federated Commonwealth Civil War were fired. The pro-Katherine Hauptmann-General Finnegan and his Third FedCom RCT had refused numerous orders to depart the planet given to them both by the commanding officer of the First Aragon Borderers, Leftenant-General Kirston, and the Marshal of the Valexa PDZ. Instead, Finnegan ordered the Third FedCom to begin advancing on Alexandria, where the Borderers were headquartered. General Stancel, at Kirston's request, coordinated with the Borderers to launch a surprise attack on the advancing Loyalist column on December 9, 3062. The Rangers eviscerated the Third FedCom in a daring hot-drop that made an entire 35 percent of the enemy combat ineffective and stalled out the survivors. While the Rangers sowed chaos in the middle of the column, Kirston made use of his Borderers' DropShips to rapidly deploy their assault and heavy 'Mechs in a series of dizzying strikes at weak points created by the Rangers. The column quickly scattered into a disorganized mess, allowing the Rangers and Borderers to assault two previously Loyalist-occupied cities, Dalemar and Gary. Dalemar was quickly secured, but Gary proved a tougher target. As the Borderers advanced towards the city, they fell under the heavy fire of Third FedCom combined arms units as they entered the rough terrain of the approach. Suffering heavy losses, they called for help and Alpha Regiment responded, combat dropping right on top of the enemy and allowing Allied forces to fall back and regroup.[13]

On Algol, Colonel Desantis and her Gamma Regiment were preparing to depart and reinforce Alpha on New Aragon. Unfortunately, their actions were interpreted as hostile by the Loyalist defenders, Leutnant-General Suzie Foster and her Second Republican Guards. The Second Republican had received word of the Rangers' surprise attack on the Third FedCom and were already wary. They ignored messages from Gamma about their peaceful departure and instead attacked the Ranger unit in the outskirts of their base in Debelne on December 21st. A bloody battle raged between the two units for three days, destroying half the city before the Second Republican was forced to fall back. In the interim, the Rangers raided a Second Republican supply depot in Algol City and focused on evacuating as many of the 150,000 civilians in the city as possible. On December 27th, the Second Republican laid siege to Debelne and a protracted aerospace battle erupted over the city. Despite this, Desantis and her forces were still able to extract 70 percent of the population. This had an additional effect of overtaxing the Second Republican's supplies, as fleeing refugees set up camps in their rear area. On January 5th, Foster was compelled to deal with the evacuee issue, buying the Rangers two weeks to catch their breath. Desantis used this time wisely, ordering multiple daring supply raids to capture critical matériel for her defense.[13]

Continuing Conflict[edit]

Back on New Aragon, an unofficial truce held for around a month as both sides licked their wounds. During this time, Stancel dispatched Beta Regiment to reinforce the understrength Gamma Regiment on Algol, but they would not arrive for several weeks. Col. Desantis held Debelne for as long as possible, forcing the Second Republican to commit more and more forces to the battle. When she was eventually forced to retreat, she had the spaceport's fuel reserves destroyed, eliminating in the process an entire enemy lance. Falling back to her command post at the one remaining DropShip she had not ordered out of the city, Desantis led her unit against the advancing Second Republican near one of Debelne's massive grain refineries in an hours-long battle that ended when a misplaced PPC shot caused a pressurized silo to explode. Both the Rangers and the Republicans were seriously damaged by the resulting massive explosion and both retreated to rearm and recover.[13]

In February, Hauptmann-General Finnegan had grown tired of the Rangers' constant riding in to the rescue of the Borderers. Feeling his forces had significantly recovered, he organized a trap for them. Finnegan ordered a portion of his forces to focus on encircling a unit of Borderers. This forced them to call for help and consequently drew the Rangers out to assist. While the Rangers' 'Mechs were away from their new base in Dalemar, the bulk of his forces struck at their lightly defended DropShips, destroying almost all of them before retreating. Luckily, Kirston allowed Stancel to make use of his unit's DropShips, keeping the Rangers mobile.[13]

Meanwhile, the stalemate on Algol grew more bloody as both Beta Regiment and the Third Republican Guards arrived to reinforce their respective forces. Neither unit could break the deadlock, and the sides fell to defensive operations punctuated by the occasional probing attack. The Rangers retook Debelne while the Republicans secured Algol City. On February 18th, sensors detected the arrival of the Fifteenth Deneb Light Cavalry, a pro-Katherine unit. Dread soon turned to hope as an advance force of the pro-Victor Fifth Crucis Lancers suddenly appeared from a pirate point and landed on Algol mere hours before the Fifteenth DLC could touch down. Led by General Olaf Richardson, the Fifth Crucis Lancers spearheaded an all-out assault against the Loyalists, succeeding in driving the Republicans from Algol City and into a headlong retreat. Seeing his opportunity, Richardson drove his forces hard against the fleeing Republicans and charged headlong into the drop zone of the Fifteenth DLC, completely catching them off guard. Only two of the Fifteenth DLC's five DropShips escaped the merciless assault. Unfortunately, these DropShips set down near Debelne and assaulted the Vegan Rangers' base there, prompting Col. al-Nahib and Col. Desantis to pull their heavily damaged units out of Richardson's spearhead. The General grudgingly held his attack until the rest of the Fifth Crucis Lancers set down in Debelne and Algol.[13]

When the dust had settled, the Second Republicans had effectively ceased to be while Gamma Regiment had sustained so many casualties that Col. Desantis folded her ten surviving lances into Beta Regiment.

In April 3063, General Stancel was surrounded while attacking the Loyalist-occupied cities of Hubertsville and Fallau on New Aragon. Kirston and his First Aragon Borderers took a page from the Rangers' book and hot-dropped into battle, breaking the Third FedCom's cordon and allowing Allied forces to break out and capture both cities. Unfortunately, the Borderers had suffered such losses over the past months of combat that they only had a company's worth of 'Mechs left standing, which Third FedCom intelligence soon discovered. As the Rangers were still in fighting shape, they took over in leading defensive operations against the counterattacking Loyalists. A fierce, bloody campaign ensued, with the superior numbers of the Third grinding down the Rangers and Borderers slowly but surely. Finally, on April 13th, Stancel led a desperate, last-ditch combat drop directly on top of the Third FedCom's headquarters. The drop was unbelievably successful, scattering command and control assets, killing the Hauptmann-General Finnegan and forcing the Loyalists into a route. The Rangers and Borderers chased the survivors down and finally cornered them on May 11th. After a six-hour battle, two-thirds of the Third FedCom had been killed or captured. The rest scattered across the planet in a mass desertion.[13]

Stancel and his Alpha Regiment did not have long to catch their breath. The Loyalists on Algol had been reinforced by the First Republican Guards, seriously outnumbering the Fifth Crucis Lancers and the battered Twelfth Vegan Ranger units on that world. Stancel immediately left New Aragon to assist them.

Final Involvement[edit]

When Alpha Regiment arrived in September, they turned the tide for the beleaguered Federated Suns units on the surface. Though General Richardson was an adept commander, the losses that Allied forces had sustained were beginning to make his rapid operations tempo and nimble movements unsustainable. Alpha linked up with the reinforced Beta Regiment and together they held the city of Gregan against an extended siege by the Fifteenth Deneb Light Cavalry. General Richardson and the Fifth Crucis Lancers prevented the Republican Guards from reinforcing the Fifteenth, however, and soon the Loyalists were forced to fall back, pursued relentlessly by Richardson. Once again, the mad-dog General's drive outstripped the resources, capabilities, and health of his troops, and the Twelfth Vegan Rangers and Fifth Crucis Lancers were forced to slow their advance as casualties, maintenance failures, and combat fatigue took their toll. The Republicans were able to link up with the Fifteenth Deneb Light Cavalry, and together they fell back to the city of Hellen.

Although Richardson assumed that they were preparing for another attack, the Loyalists fled the planet entirely on 20 October, taking what was left of their forces with them. The Rangers were left stationed on Algol to refit and rebuild until 3066, when Alpha Regiment was called by Marshal Stephan Cooper to reinforce embattled AFFS forces on Addicks, who were under attack by the DCMS. They made landfall on 7 February, 3066, and were immediately charged into the city of St. Randall by the Marshal. Their assault was so strong that the DCMS forces were driven from the city. Using his Davion Assault Guards to outflank the fleeing Kuritans, the Marshal had Stancel and his Rangers keep pressure on the rearguard. In doing so the Combine units were broken in two and their commander, realizing the seriousness of the situation, chose to withdraw on 2 March.

Meanwhile, Beta Regiment was quickly dispatched to Genoa at the request of Duke George Hasek to deal with an incursion by Little Richard's Panzer Brigade there. Though Richard Whitman was no tactical pushover, the veteran Rangers absolutely annihilated his unit. The Panzer Brigade retreated from the planet two weeks after the Rangers landed, and set course for Arboris, hoping to lick their wounds. Beta Regiment pursued, reinforced by a full battalion of 'Mechs they had salvaged from their previous engagement. They found the people of Arboris happy to see them, as the Panzer Brigade was known for cruelty and poor relations with locals. Working with the locals, the Rangers were able to route the Panzer Brigade in a few short weeks, destroying in total a full two-thirds of the wayward mercenary unit and leaving them with less than 28 active 'Mechs.[14]

The Rangers were able to recruit two battalions of Genoan and Arboris natives that they dubbed the Vegan Tank Destroyers. These battalions they divided between the two worlds. The Rangers themselves divided up between Arboris, Genoa, and Algol, and remained there until war's end.

The Jihad[edit]

The Early Jihad[edit]

The Twelfth Vegan Rangers fought hard in the initial battles of the Word of Blake Jihad that began in 3068, but were ultimately forced to retreat from their positions on Algol, Demeter, and Wappingers as enemy forces either proved too strong or the Federated Suns decided the Rangers' skills were needed elsewhere. As the Jihad was a time of great chaos, not much is known about the exact exploits of the Rangers from 3068 to 3085.

In the summer of 3068, Alpha Regiment redeployed to Raman, a planet along the Draconis border, to prevent an incursion by DCMS forces. Though they were not directly attacked by Draconis Combine forces, they staved off a number of their raids and protected as many local worlds from Blakist incursion as they could. In order to boost their numbers, they absorbed the remnants of forces obliterated by the Blakists, including the battered remains of former Combine units.[15][16]

Beta Regiment was ordered by AFFS High Command to abandon their base world of Demeter in February of 3068 in order to assist in the defense efforts ongoing at New Avalon.[16][17] Undefended, Demeter quickly fell to Word of Blake forces by April.[16] Arriving in the system along with the Third Davion Guards via a pirate point to avoid the Word of Blake blockade, Beta made landfall on New Avalon mere days before Blakist reinforcements arrived. Unfortunately, First and Second Battalions were all but destroyed when the Thirty-sixth Division dropped right on top of them. Third Battalion and the survivors rallied and fought a coordinated ground campaign alongside the Third Davion Guards until 3073, when while defending a strategic ammo dump, they lost half their remaining numbers. Now down to approximately two companies, Beta fell back to the continent of Rostock and kept fighting, under odd circumstances, until the Blakists had been driven offworld in 3074.[17]

In May of 3069, Gamma Regiment redeployed from Wappingers to Jaipur as the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces launched Operation THUNDERSTRIKE in reprisal for Duke Hasek's Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE offensive. Gamma was tasked, along with other AFFS forces in the region, to stem the tide of the invasion, but suffered a series of defeats that pushed them farther and farther back.[16] Finally, the Rangers met their end on Jaipur against Task Force Light Horse, who obliterated the unit.[18] This defeat was reported as a valiant one by Federated Suns new services, who claimed that Gamma Regiment managed to annihilate the Second St. Ives Lancers before succumbing to the reinforcements of the First.[16] While Federated Suns networks claimed that Gamma was able to fall back from Jaipur, more candid sources reported that the unit had been destroyed outright, suffering more than 90% casualties. Rumors stated that the few survivors were reassigned to Alpha and Beta Regiments to reinforce their efforts.[15][18]

The Late Jihad[edit]

Having suffered appalling losses in the early conflicts of the Jihad, the Twelfth Vegan Rangers soon coalesced into a single regiment's worth of personnel and equipment. Their diminished numbers, however, did not diminish their talents or skills. The new and unified Twelfth conducted a reconnaissance raid on Addicks in early 3077 that saw them nearly rout the defending Word of Blake forces single-handed, and resulted in the commanding officer of the Federated Suns theater of Operation SCOUR, Field Marshal Katheryn Sandoval-Ito, bringing the planned invasion of Addicks forward four full weeks.[19] The unit participated in the 3078 invasion of Terra, and was assigned to the operational region of the Texas Highlands, where they narrowly escaped the nuclear decimation suffered by Hansen's Roughriders.[19]

In 3079, their frequent combat duties had reduced them to only two-thirds of their new, nominal single-regiment strength. Through either death or retirement, command of the Rangers had passed from General Tom Stancel to General Miller al-Nahib, who was diligently working to rebuild the unit on New Hessen during that year.[20] Throughout the Jihad, the Twelfth Vegan Rangers had earned a shining name for themselves, distinguishing themselves in the defense of the Draconis Border, the battles for New Avalon, and the heavy fighting of the North American campaign on Terra during Operation SCOUR.[21] In 3085, they had re-signed their contract with the Federated Suns and were moved to Benet III for garrison duties, though they were still only 85% of their ideal operational capacity.[22]

Dark Age[edit]

With the end of the Jihad and the formation of the Republic of the Sphere, there was an era of relative peace in the Inner Sphere. As a large unit of mercenaries whose livelihood was predicated on conflict, this proved to be quite difficult for the Twelfth Vegan Rangers, even with their new reduced size. By the 3100s, the demand for regimental-sized mercenary units was so low that the Rangers had begun to hire out individual battalion and company sized elements of their command in order to make ends meet.[21]

In 3116, General Miller al-Nahib retired from command after more than sixty years of active service with the Rangers, passing his responsibilities on to his daughter, Della al-Nahib. Della al-Nahib used this changing of the guard to reexamine the unit's historical contracts with the Federated Suns, and seeing the paucity of profitable employment in FedSun territory, chose to seek opportunities elsewhere. The Rangers eventually wound up contracting with the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth, a tour which though still fairly uneventful was at least well compensated. During this twenty year term of service, they upgraded and augmented their forces significantly.[21]

Jacob Bannson sought the Twelfth Vegan Rangers' help in 3133[21] to help stave off a DCMS attack on the world of Vega. There, the Rangers fought against the Fifth Sword of Light and the Forty-fourth Benjamin Regulars, reinforcing the Vega Regulars and Clan Ghost Bear's Omega Galaxy. Together, the allied forces successfully pushed the DCMS forces from their world. When Bannson requested that the Rangers establish a home base on Vega and serve as the planet's protectors, they gladly accepted.[21][23] Working with Galaxy Commander Isis Bekker-Florala, they helped establish the Vega Protectorate and repulsed a second attack by Draconis forces in 3137. They were able to obtain a great deal of 'Mechs as salvage from this conflict, and once again sent the Fifth Sword of Light packing.

In 3141, when the Rangers felt that the Vega Protectorate was strong enough to stand on its own, they departed the world and once again took a contract with the Federated Suns.[21] Soon they were stationed back on the Capellan border as they had been in decades past.

By December 3144, the Twelfth Vegan Rangers were stationed on Chesterton when the Capellan Confederation launched its invasion of the Federated Suns. The Twelfth were forced off Chesterton by the Fifth McCarron's Armored Cavalry and fell back to Ulan Batar.[24] The Rangers' streak of bad luck continued, as their defense of Ulan Batar against the First Liao Grenadiers failed. The Liao Grenadiers' ferocity compelled the Rangers to retreat into the forests and mountains to continue a guerrilla campaign against the CCAF for several long months. Unfortunately, their being trapped in the wilds was one of the factors that prevented the AFFS from launching any counterattacks against Chesterton or Tikonov, and only further contributed to the chaos sown by the CCAF in the Capellan March.[25][21]

Eventually, the Rangers were able to break out and recover enough to be tapped by Julian Davion to join Task Force Styx in Operation CERBERUS. When Task Force Styx mounted its invasion of New Syrtis in December 3147, the Rangers were tasked with securing the Capellan March's government and administration offices in the Saso Government Quarter. Their efforts there were supported by the Illician Lancers' Fifty-ninth Strike Regiment, whose objective was the Saso spaceport. Initially, the mercenaries were able to push the elements of Warrior House Hiritsu defending the district back, but their advance stalled in the face of well-planned ambushes by House Hiritsu troops. When the Dynasty Guard, led by Eliza Zhao, managed to work its way into the Rangers' rearguard, they found themselves cut off, and under too much pressure to advance. The battalion-sized element that was caught in this pincer suffered heavy casualties, but thanks to the cover of a nearby First Davion Guards artillery company, were eventually able to withdraw.[26] After a few days to regroup, the Rangers and the other mercenaries assigned to the combat area finally secured the Government Quarter for the AFFS.[27][28]

The Rangers, along with other mercenary units involved in the operation, suffered high casualties. The AFFS held Julian Davion responsible for both relying on them too heavily and for operational mismanagement, and their trust in him, along with that of the mercenaries he had contracted, wavered significantly.[27] The Rangers immediately began rebuilding, as they were so accustomed to.


Traditionally, the commander of Alpha Regiment also leads the entire Twelfth Vegan Rangers brigade.

Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Alpha Regiment (Twelfth Vegan Rangers)
Duke Lawrence Helmund Nelson 2829
General Sheridan Douglass 3025 - 3048[12][29]
General Tom Stancel 3048 - 3067[12][29][30][31]
General Miller al-Nahib 3068 - 3116[17][21][32]
General Della al-Nahib 3116 - 3147[33][34][35]


Though the tactics of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers vary between regiments, during the Galtor Campaign the unit as a whole proved to be very skilled at night fighting.[36]

Throughout the mid-31st century, the unit's regiments maintained a reputation for individual tactical proficiencies: Alpha Regiment was best known for urban combat capabilities, Beta for its use of speed and coordinated maneuvering, and Gamma for its robust C3 network and aerospace support.[15]

In 3145, despite their extensive losses in battles against Capellan forces, the Rangers still had access to the best Federated Suns technology, making use of a wide range of 'Mechs to create well-structured lances and deploying them in flexible formations.[21]

Mercenary Rating[edit]


Dragoon Rating: A* [7]


Dragoon Rating: A* [3]


Dragoon Rating: A[15]

Composition History[edit]


Twelfth Vegan Rangers (Regiment/Elite/Fanatical)[37]

Note: At this point the Rangers were weighted at heavy level, but only had an operational readiness of 33 percent.[37]


Twelfth Vegan Rangers (Regiment/Regular/Fanatical)[37]

Note: At this time the Rangers were weighted at assault level and maintained an operational readiness of 100 percent.[37]


Twelfth Vegan Rangers (4 regiments/Elite/Reliable)[38]

Note: By 3025, the 12th Vegan Rangers had grown enough to include four independent, subordinate regiments: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta.


Twelfth Vegan Rangers

Note: By 3040, the Twelfth Vegan Rangers were contracted to provide support in the War of 3039 and occupied both Nashira and Telos IV during that conflict.[11]


Twelfth Vegan Rangers

  • Alpha Regiment (Elite/Reliable)([31]
  • Beta Regiment (Veteran/Reliable)[31]
  • Gamma Regiment (Veteran/Reliable)[31]
  • Delta Regiment (Regular/Reliable)[31]

Note: In 3053 the Rangers were stationed in the Sarna March of the Federated Commonwealth, Palos Operations Area, Corey Command.[31]


Twelfth Vegan Rangers

  • Alpha Regiment (Elite/Reliable)[40]
  • Beta Regiment (Veteran/Fanatical)[40]
  • Gamma Regiment (Regular/Questionable)[40]

Note: In 3067 the Rangers were still rebuilding from the FedCom Civil War. Alpha and Beta Regiments were at 80% and 75% strength, while the recently reactivated Gamma was only at 35%.[40]


Twelfth Vegan Rangers (Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[41]


Twelfth Vegan Rangers (Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[22]


Twelfth Vegan Rangers

Note: At this time, the Rangers were only about the size of a reinforced regiment.[42]


Twelfth Vegan Rangers (Elite/Reliable)[34]

Note: At this time the Rangers were at eighty-five percent of full strength, maintained an "A" rating under the Dragoon rating system, and were under contract to the Federated Suns.[34]

Color Scheme and Unit Insignia[edit]

The Twelfth Vegan Rangers use a standardized color scheme of dark green, yellow ochre, sage green, and brown in a blotchy camouflage pattern no matter the operational climate or terrain.[29] Their force insignia, the coat of arms of Vega, is usually displayed on the torsos of the Rangers' 'Mechs, and on the sides and wings of their aerospace craft and armored vehicles.[3] Beta and Gamma Regiments also display their own regimental flashes on the upper left legs of their 'Mechs.[3]




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