Tyr (combat vehicle)

Tyr Infantry Support Tank
Production information
Manufacturer Joint Equipment Systems[1]
Production Year 3063[2]
Mission Transport
Type Hover[1]
Introduced 3063
Cost 2,230,600 C-bills[2]
Technical specifications
Tech Base Clan[1]
Mass 45[1]
Armor Forging MHC07[1]
Engine Type 170 Fusion[1]
Speed 151[1] km/h
Crew 3[1]
Communications System Neil 500[1]
Targeting Tracking System RCA Econotrac[1]
Heat Sinks 12[1]
BV (1.0) 1,020[3]
BV (2.0) 1,260[1][2][4]


The Tyr Infantry Support Vehicle was a joint design by Clan Ghost Bear and Joint Equipment Systems, part of a plan by the Clan's leadership to reach out more to the conquered Rasalhagian populace. The first Tyrs rolled off JES' assembly line in 3063, making it one of the first Ghost Bear-Rasalhague joint ventures.[1]

The combat vehicle is an infantry transport that has enough firepower to support the same. It has a five-ton cargo bay, enough to carry a full Point of Elementals. Since most front-line units have OmniMechs that the battle armor troopers can ride in on, the Tyr has mostly been distributed to second-line forces. In order to safely deliver its cargo, the Tyr is protected by six and a half tons of armor. It has a top speed of 151 km/h, enabling it to quickly put the infantry Point where it is needed and get out safely.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

While the Tyr is defensively formidable, it also has respectable firepower. A turret houses a Type 22g ER Large Laser and two Pattern J4 Streak SRM-4s. This gives the crew of the Tyr the ability to support its charges either from a distance or up close.[1]


  • Kurita 
    Based on units salvaged by the DCMS, introduced in 3070[5] this version of the Tyr replaces the Laser and Streaks with two MML-7 launchers and two Light Machine Guns. Armor protection and ground speed remain the same, but the infantry compartment has been reduced to four tons instead of five. BV (2.0) = 687[6][5]



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