Tyrell's Raiders

Tyrell's Raiders
Unit Profile (as of 3024)
CO Raymond Tyrell
JumpShips No
DropShips No
Aerospace No
Armor No
Infantry No


Tyrell's Raiders were a BattleMech company originally raised as a militia force on the Draconis Combine world of Kajikazawa in ancient, understrength 'Mechs. As a privately raised unit, they can arbitrarily be classified as mercenaries (and were scorned as such by the regular military) although they only served House Kurita, and regarded themselves as auxiliary troops.

As of approximately 3024, Tyrell's Raiders were deployed on New Wessex, attached to the 2nd Benjamin Regulars as an auxiliary reserve in frontline duty. Raymond Tyrell's relationship with Sho-sa Victor Garreth, their commanding officer, was strained because of Garreth's disregard for Tyrell's unit.

When Tyrell demanded a frontline assignment, ascertaining that they could hold whatever the Steiners could throw at them, Tyrell's Raiders ended up guarding a river crossing near Vesper-in-Ouros against a Lyran company, with orders to hold the lower crossing of the Ouros. However, the attacking force turned out to be at least three times stronger than the defenders and also fielded much heavier 'Mechs. They crushed the defenders in short order, including the destruction of a scout Stinger, the Shadow Hawk of Tyrell's daughter Theresa, and the Centurion piloted by his son Salvadore.

Tyrell's Raiders withdrew to friendly lines, where they were tried for treason and cowardice in a mock court-martial tribunal. Salvadore Tyrell found all of the unit's survivors had been hanged when he returned to the deserted camp after three days in the wilderness after he had successfully ejected from his doomed 'Mech. Sho-sa Garreth had obviously set them up for the trial, sacrificing what he considered a worthless mercenary unit in order to confiscate their 'Mechs for his own unit.

Salvadore Tyrell wound up in the service of Hassid Ricol, the Red Duke, and commanded the Duke's personal 'Mech unit which he came to name Tyrell's Terrors after his father's 'Mech. Four years after the events on New Wessex, Duke Ricol allowed him to challenge Sho-sa Garreth to a duel to the death during a reception on Kajikazawa, where Salvadore could finally exact revenge upon Garreth.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Tyrell's Raiders
Raymond Tyrell 3024[1]



Composition History[edit]

At the time of their destruction, Tyrell's Raiders consisted of 12 'Mechs, of which Raymond Tyrell's Dragon (named "Tyrell's Terror") was the heaviest. It was property of the Tyrell family for four generations already. The unit also fielded a Shadow Hawk, a Centurion, a Panther, two Stingers and a Wasp.[1]



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