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Creature information
Type ?
Homeworld Vakarel
Environment Ice wasteland
Average mass ???
Average length ???
Average height ca. 300 centimeters
Traits ?
Skills ?
Size ?
Armor ?
Attack ?

The Ugmar is a lifeform native to the stormy, frozen wastelands of Vakarel. Little is known about the species beyond its imposing physical appearance. It is a massive, hunched bipedal creature with a short tail standing some 3 meters high that vaguely resembles a cross between a bear and a Tyrannosaurus (or a Rancor monster from the Star Wars universe), though its arms are neither much smaller nor much larger than its legs.

An Ugmar attacks

In the only encounter with the species featured, an Ugmar attacked and wounded a MechWarrior without provocation, but could be driven off with small arms fire. The encounter took place in (or near) a BattleMech hangar implied to lie in or very near a fortification. This suggests the Ugmar to be a predatory species.


Blackthorne BattleTech (Comic series), the only source where Ugmar make an appearance or are even mentioned, is not currently counted among the canonical sources for the BattleTech universe. As an official product that was published under a valid license it is considered apocryphal instead. The same is true for information stemming (exclusively) from this source, such as the Ugmar.