Ulisses Medien & Spiel Distribution GmbH

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Established in December 1991, the Ulisses Medien & Spiel Distribution GmbH, doing business as Ulisses Spiele, is a German games publishing company, distributor and wholesale dealer.

The company has picked up many intellectual properties previously held by FanPro prior to FanPro's withdrawal, and holds the license to produce the German line of BattleTech since 2011. On 14 December 2022, Ulisses Spiele announced that their license with Catalyst would expire and they will have to stop selling Battletech in April 2023.[1]

Like FanPro did before them, Ulisses does not merely translate content from the American Edition. They include small expansions and errata with the translated rulebooks and sourcebooks and also publish entirely original material such as the Bruderkampf promotional scenario pack, as well as continue the line of "Classic BattleTech" novels established by FanPro with new, original novels in addition to translated novels from both the Classic BattleTech and MechWarrior: Dark Age lines.

A notable change implemented by Ulisses is that the names of BattleMechs, aerospace fighters, and other combat units are not translated into German anymore. The original English designations are now used across the board even where German translations have been established for a long time (for example, the HBK-4G Hunchback is now referred by this designation in Ulisses' German edition of the boxed set, whereas it was previously referred to as QSM-4G Quasimodo in Germany ever since FanPro published the German edition of CityTech and the Hardware-Handbuch: 3025 in 1990).

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