Uniforms of the CCAF

Military Uniforms have few distinctions as to rank or origin, emphasizing the Capellan philosophy of commonality in defense of the realm. Although variations in dress are permitted in senior regiments of the Capellan armed forces (such as the Capellan Hussars), within the Capellan military as a whole, personal dress variants are not only discouraged but viewed as an indication of insubordination and "unnecessary independence of mind." As casual observers can rarely distinguish between service branches.[1]

Dress Uniforms[edit]

Duty Uniforms[edit]

Senior Officers[edit]

Capellan senior officers were two types of standard field dress, depending on whether the individual is in command of the unit or belongs to staff personnel. Field Commanders wear a uniform similar to the average infantryman's uniform, except that they wear black helmets, chest-plates, and leggings. Their uniform has dark green trousers with silver piping. Officers wear larger knee-high boots with a black and silver belt at the waist.[2]


The typical battledress for Capellan Mechwarriors consist of a beige armless bodyshell with three separate pieces covering the shoulder torsos and waist. Hand and leg protectors protect against constant chaffing and irritation with moving within a Mech's cockpit. In some small Capellan BattleMechs, Mechwarriors would were the center torso shell to provide addition freedom of movement. Biosensors are worn with the warrior's arms and legs providing constant information to the Mech's enviromental control computers. As Capellan Technology is far behind other Inner Sphere realms, they add a larger than average-sized neurohelmet. An emeregency air supply is built into the helmet to provide 30 minutes of oxygen if the Mech's circulation system shuts down. A personal med-pack is worn on the left shoulder. [3] [4]

Fighter Pilots[edit]

Infantry/Armor Crews[edit]

Capellan infantry wear dark green uniforms reinforced by plat-steel mesh arm and leg coverings. The insignia is worn on the belt and along shoulder and arm patches are green. Green shoulders pack and white shoulder straps are common with a backpack. Infantrymen wear a platsteel helmet with reinforced by ceramic fiber.Black woven belts with pouches are worn.

Warrior House infantrymen wear a katana held by a black sling worn over the right shoulder. A dark green flak vest completes the uniform.[5]



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