United Outworlders Corporation

United Outworlders Corporation
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Company Logo
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Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Mitchella
Primary Products Aerospace Fighter
Conventional Fighter


As the largest AeroSpace Fighter manufacturer in the Outworlds Alliance, the United Outworlders Corporation has received most of the government's defense budget ever since the company commenced operations.[1] In the mid-twenty-seventh century the United Outworlders Corporation purchased a small aerospace factory on Ramora, which had been founded and owned originally as a communally-owned facility owned by the small population of Ramora. Having bought the factory, UOC expanded the planet-side facilities on Ramora and then, in the twenty-eighth century, constructed the Ramora Shipyards in the Ramora system. As the Outworlds Alliance continued to expand through an aggressive colonization program the Alliance found it necessary to expand the small Alliance WarShip fleet, and Ramora Shipyards were well-positioned in April 2765 to become the foremost fleet docks in the Alliance.[2]

The company faced some challenges during the Succession Wars however, and used aid from the Draconis Combine from the 3020's[1]. In the 3060's the company scored two key business deals: A partnership with Clan Snow Raven to build the Corax OmniFighter, and a contract with the Draconis Combine to provide Seydlitz AeroSpace Fighters.[1]

The United Outworlders Corporation was attacked several times by the Word of Blake. Several strikes by the Inferno terrorist organization destroyed the workers habitats on Ramora and damaged the autocannon production line. The Word also led the Screaming Eagles mercenary unit to think that they were being attacked by forces based on Ramora. The Screaming Eagles responded by attacking the world. In addition, most people on Ramora think that the Word is responsible for a highly infectious and drug-resistant strain of influenza that has spread across the world.[3] By 3071, the company would with the aid of their nation's Clan allies, begin to produce the Star League BattleMech design, the Bombardier.[4][5]

The Mitchella plant took no damage during the Jihad and was operating at full speed in 3079. By contrast the Ramora plant lost half its staff and was only operating at 60% of its pre-Jihad level.[6] The Mitchella plant was located near an enclave of Clan Snow Raven and a new DropShip maintenance facility.[7]

The CEO of the United Outworlders Corporation was Camden Avellar in 3067.[1]


United Outworlders Corporation has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Mitchella:[8]
Component Type
BMB-12 Bombardier[9] Heavy BattleMech - (As of 3071)[10]
BMB-05 Bombardier[11] Heavy BattleMech - (As of 3071)[12]
Heavy LRM Carrier[citation needed] Tracked Vehicles
Hunter Light Tank[13] Tracked Vehicles
Light SRM Carrier[citation needed] Wheeled Vehicles
Nuberu Anti-Aircraft Tank[8] Tracked Vehicles - (As of 3083)
Vedette Medium Tank[14] Tracked Vehicles
Fuel Cell
Jones ElectroCell 180 Nuberu[8]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Compound RX-5 Laser-Reflective Nuberu[8]
Communications System
Communicator [citation needed]
Consolidated BMR 6c Nuberu[8]
Sony MSF-25 [citation needed]
Targeting-Tracking System
FireScan with IndirecTrack [citation needed]
TRTTS Mark V AirTracker Nuberu[8]
Type OVR-X Nuberu[8]
Doombud Hunter/Shipped to Ramora for Charger & Shilone[citation needed]
Bical Shipped to Alpheratz for Wasp[citation needed]
Bical [citation needed]


In 2765 UOC was operating both planet-side production facilities on Ramora and the space-based Ramora Shipyards.[2]

Components produced on Ramora:[15][16][17][18][19][20][21]
Component Type
Gossamer[15] VTOLs
Aerospace Fighter
Corax C[16] Light Aerospace Fighters
SYD-21 Seydlitz[17][18][21] Light Aerospace Fighters
S-4 Sai[citation needed] Light Aerospace Fighters
CRX-O Corax[19][21] Light OmniFighter
Hellcat[21] Medium AeroSpace Fighters
LTN-G15 Lightning[17][21] Medium Aerospace Fighters
LTN-G16O Lightning[21] Medium Aerospace Fighters
Wusun[20] Medium OmniFighter
SL-17 Shilone[21] Medium Aerospace Fighters
SL-15 Slayer[21] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
Conventional Fighter
ASF-23 Protector[21] Conventional Fighter
Angel Light Strike Fighter[21] Conventional Fighter
Titan (refits)[21] DropShip
Small Craft
NL-45 Gunboat[22] Small Craft
K-1 DropShuttle[21] Small Craft
KR-61 Long-Range Shuttle[21] Small Craft
S-7A Bus[21] Small Craft
ST-46 Shuttle[21] Small Craft
Escape Pod[21] Small Craft
Life Boat[21] Small Craft
Mark VII Landing Craft[21] Small Craft
UOC Light Spec 3 Corax C[16]
Shipil 15 Seydlitz[17][18]
Shipil 25 Lightning[17] & Protector[citation needed]
UOC Light Spec 3 Corax C[19]
UOC Medium Spec 4 Wusun[20]
Fusion Engine
Consolidated 135 Gossamer[15]
Shipil 180 Seydlitz[18]
Fusion Engine - XL
210 Raven XL Corax C [19]
330 XL Fusion Wusun[20]
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
Shipil Standard Seydlitz[18]
Armor - FA - Aerospace Fighters
POE Ferro Aluminum Corax C [19]
Raven Comp B Ferro Aluminum Wusun[20]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Outworld Weave Standard II Corax[19], Lightning, Shilone & Slayer[citation needed]
Outworld Weave Ferro-Aluminum Seydlitz[citation needed]
Armor - FF - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Compound FM3 Ferro-Fibrous Gossamer[15]
Communications System
O/P AIR 500 Seydlitz[18]
Outworlds Advanced 6ai Corax C [19], Corax[19], Wusun[20] & Gossamer[15]
Targeting-Tracking System
Multi-platform T12d Corax[19], Wusun[20] & Gossamer[15]
Multiplatform T12e Corax C [19]
O/P 3000 Seydlitz[18]
Armstrong J11 Shipped to Mitchella for Vedette[17]
Armstrong Requiem Lightning[17]/ Shipped to Alpheratz for Romnel[citation needed]
Large Laser
RamTech 1200 Seydlitz[18]
Medium Pulse Laser
Series 14a Gossamer[15]
ER Medium Laser
Series 5b Corax C [19]
Streak LRM-15
StarTek Corax C [19]
Machine Gun
Armstrong MiniGun Potector, Locust & Stinger[17]/Shipped to Alpheratz for Po[citation needed]


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