United States of America

United States of America
Faction Profile
Time period: 1776-2315
Classification: Pre-spaceflight nation
Controlled systems: Terra
Capital world: Washington D.C.
Ruler title: President
Military: Department of Defense
Secret Service: Central Intelligence Agency

The United States of America was a Terran nation, before the formation of the Terran Alliance in 2086. At some point toward the end of the 21st century, the United States may have expanded to the United States of North America, presumably absorbing the former nations of Canada and Mexico[1]. Records from this era are incomplete at best.

Regardless, the United States of America—and all other Terran nations—ceased to exist as sovereign entities no later than 2 June, 2315, when James McKenna established the Terran Hegemony[2].

Known Rulers[edit]


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