United Triumph Military Exercises

The United Triumph Military Exercises were military exercises between the Star League Defense Force and the Inner Sphere House militaries conducted in 2572. The results of the exercises were politically and militarily embarrassing for the newly formed Star League.


With signing of the Star League Accords, the Age of War, the long period of endless conflict between the Nation States of the Inner Sphere ended. However with the end of the so called Age of War, the need for the large militaries it required was reduced. Even with the newborn SLDF poaching many of the best and brightest from the military forces of each member state, hundreds of thousands battle-hardened veterans were released into civilian life without any other marketable skills. While many found work as bodyguards for local nobles or banded together to form mercenary units, a significant number became bandits preying upon their former masters.[1]

Things came to a head in 2571 when a band of ex-CCAF brigands struck the Capellan Confederation world of Milos, the Confederation responding by sending in a BattleMech regiment. When the Capellan troops refused to attack their former comrades, the Chancellor asked the nearby Twenty-second Royal BattleMech Regiment to assist, with the Capellan troops then proceeding to attack the SLDF forces in an attempt to save their comrades turned bandits. Though the Twenty-second withdrew without suffering too much physical damage, the political damage to the still fragile Star League was significant.

During the Star League High Council session of 2572, every the Council Lord save for Archon Viola Steiner-Dinesen voted in favor of a resolution that unless the wandering veterans could be controlled, the Great House militaries would have to return to a war footing. After consulting with his advisers and his wife and SLDF commander-in-chief Shandra Noruff-Cameron, First Lord Ian Cameron responded by ordering the United Triumph Military Exercises, the largest military exercises staged to date.

The exercises saw thirteen SLDF divisions face ten equivalent House units across fifty barren and lightly populated worlds along the Periphery border, with the twin goals of giving the Star League cause to hire the unemployed soldiers to garrison unimportant worlds while the exercises occurred as well as showing off the advanced technology, strength and prowess of the Star League Defense Force in an attempt to cow the recalcitrant Periphery powers into joining the League. Unfortunately despite the First Lord's hopes, the exercises would prove to be both political and military disaster.

Though technologically and logistically superior to the House militaries, the relatively new SLDF divisions were still uncoordinated in operating together, suffering a number of clumsy accidents and embarrassing defeats as the House units exploited their lack of coordination and cooperation. Rather than shocked into joining, the Periphery realms openly scorned the Star League and its apparently inept military, gaining confidence that would be able to resist the First Lord's demands.

Red-faced after the exercises, the Star League undertook an in-depth review of its failure, resulting in the development of its vaunted concept of the Regimental Combat Team and new equipment, as well as the Border Guards Agreement which allowed the SLDF to establish military bases throughout the Inner Sphere. With the bulk located along the Periphery border areas, these bases were to become vital during the later Reunification War.[2]


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