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Upsilon Galaxy (Clan Wolf)

Upsilon Galaxy
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Parent Command Clan Wolf Touman


Upsilon Galaxy was raised by the Wolf Empire from the region around Stewart that had been a part of the Republic of the Sphere. Although the region had once been a part of the Free Worlds League, the occupation of the region by the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth left the population of the region leery and afraid of outsiders. Clan Wolf manipulated that fear by giving the population the ability to defend themselves, and Upsilon Galaxy was the result; equipped largely from the output of the Corean Enterprises factories on Stewart, Upsilon was able to equip itself at a standard similar to that of a second-line Clan Wolf galaxy, including incorporating extensive quantities of battle armor, with every Cluster fielding at least two Supernovas.[1]

Although Upsilon Galaxy still lacked sufficient transport assets to be able to deploy all of its forces, Clan Wolf were content to see Upsilon testing itself against the newly-reconstituted Free Worlds League, but it was considered likely in 3145 that Upsilon would sooner or later see combat against Spirit Cats forces.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Upsilon Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Robin Cobb 3145[2]

Other Officers[edit]



Composition History[edit]




  • When randomly generating an Upsilon Galaxy force after the founding of the Wolf Empire, the controlling player may generate up to 2 units per Star from the Free Worlds League (Marik-Stewart Commonwealth) Random Assignment Table. These 2 units may include battle armor.[3]
  • When generating an Upsilon Galaxy force using the random Star, Binary or Trinary type tables, reroll any result that isn't a Nova or Supernova. If the second result obtained on a reroll is still not a Nova or Supernova, use the results of the first roll to determine the unit type.[3]


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