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Zeta Galaxy (Clan Burrock)

Clan Burrock.png
Zeta Galaxy
Disbanded 3074[1]
Nickname The Undying
Affiliation Clan Burrock
Clan Star Adder (previous)
Parent Command Clan Burrock Touman
Clan Star Adder Touman (previous)


Clan Star Adder[edit]

Upsilon Galaxy was formed as part of the preparations for the Burrock Absorption[2] along with Tau Provisional Galaxy,[3] and effectively destroyed in that campaign, with only a Trinary of warriors from the 471st Adder Sentinels forming a cohesive unit[4] and all other survivors being transferred to Tau Galaxy.[3]

The Galaxy was later re-formed with three clusters. Many of Clan Burrock's former warriors, who had showed a diehard attitude for their former Clan, were transferred in to Upsilon Galaxy.[5] In early 3066, the Galaxy was sent on a fact-finding mission to the Inner Sphere. Their mission was to engage the best units the Spheroids had to offer and report back, much in the same fashion as Wolf's Dragoons' mission sixty years earlier.[6] Little overall control was exercised over the Galaxy's mission and their conducted it as they saw fit. The Galaxy made many stops in the Tanis System as part of its mission, where they fell under the influence of the former Burrock Dark Caste.[5]

Clan Burrock[edit]

Galaxy Commander N'Buta was quietly removed by Star Colonel Naman Hutchinson, she falsified clan watch reports to cover her actions as the former Burrock warriors of the Galaxy attempted to resurrect the dead Clan. The few Adder sympathizers were killed and the newly renamed Zeta Galaxy moved to capture the entire Tanis system. [7]

Zeta Galaxy ambushed the Ice Hellion Beta Galaxy at the DS-822 waystation in 3072 heavily damaging their escorting WarShip and waylaying three of their five JumpShips.[8] During early 3073 the Galaxy split itself into three task forces, each with WarShip support and set about a campaign of raiding the fringes of the Kerensky Cluster and outposts on the Exodus Road, destroying all HPG stations within fifty light years of the Tanis system. The Galaxy fought two major space battles against Clan Diamond Shark in the Salonika system, capturing forty-eight merchant vessels.[9]

One Burrock task force move to Nouveaux Paris in early 3074 that had already fallen to a Society Cell. Here two Clusters defeated Clan Hell's Horses attempt to recapture the planet. [10]

Zeta moved to Santander V and using captured Hell's Horses's equipment attempted to pose as a Horse Galaxy to stir up trouble with the Ghost Bear Dominion. Information of this raid was passed to the Horses by the Star Adders and Zeta was cornered on Thule by forces from all three Clans. In this engagement the Second Burrock Cavaliers were destroyed, but the remaining three clusters escaped.[11]

The goal of this action was that Zeta managed to plant a genetic virus in the water facilities on Thule. This virus targeted only individuals with Tseng and Snuka bloodlines, but was responsible for nearly 285,000 deaths in the Dominions thanks to the export of bottled water from the planet.[12]

In late 3074 the remains of Zeta Galaxy was on Tanis, it was here they were destroyed by orbital bombardment by Clan Star Adder forces. [1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Upsilon Provisional Galaxy (Clan Star Adder)
Galaxy Commander Mavis DeMarque 3059[13]
Galaxy Commander Tristyn N'Buta
Commanding Officers of Zeta Galaxy (Clan Burrock)
saKhan Naman Hutchinson At least from 3072[14]



Composition History[edit]



  • Upsilon Galaxy
98th Adder Sentinels - destroyed in the Absorption
471st Adder Sentinels - returned to Sigma Provisional Galaxy after the Absorption[4]


1018th Adder Sentinels
1021st Adder Sentinels
1155th Gatekeeper Cluster


1st Burrock Sentinels
2nd Burrock Sentinels
2nd Burrock Cavaliers Cluster[11]
5th Burrock Battle Cluster
18th Warren Cluster[16]
100th Burrock Gatekeeper Cluster


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