Urizen Kurita (24th c.)

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Urzen Kurita
Character Profile
Born 2273[1]
Died 2336[1]
Affiliation House Kurita
Profession Gunji-no-Kanrei
Parents Kamaro Kurita (father)
Siblings Shiro Kurita
Children Victor Kurita
Isaac Kurita
Adam Kurita

Urizen Kurita (b. 2273 - d. April 2336) assisted his older brother Shiro in the formation of the Alliance of Galedon and then the Draconis Combine, serving as the military arm to his brother's political goals.[2]


He was born and trained as his brother on New Samarkand. Urizen Kurita would prove to be more skilled in the arts of war than diplomacy.

When his brother became the self-proclaimed Lord of Yamashiro at the age of 24, Urizen also advanced and attained the rank of Captain in the Yamashiro Guard, the private army of that city-state. When Shiro prepared the meeting that would end up unifying New Samarkand, Urizen ensured some of the local guards were available to deal with the other five lords of the planet who disagreed with them. Three assassinations were finally needed.[3]

While his brother was creating the roots of the Alliance of Galedon, he was in New Samarkand training an army.

When Kirei Na Niwa was unable to provide the quota of recruits for the Alliance of Galedon army, the planet became an unfortunate example. Acting under orders from Shiro Kurita, Urizen staged mass executions on Kirei Na Niwa until exactly twice the percentage of people required for military conscription had been slain.[4]

To quell dissent, Shiro Kurita called for a conference to be held on New Samarkand in September 2311, to which he invited over one thousand politicians and other leaders from the entire northeast quadrant of human-settled space. Addressing the delegates, Kurita made an impassioned plea for cooperation between all their worlds under his leadership, holding their attention while his brother Urizen Kurita, commander of the Alliance's armies, surrounded the building with loyal troops. After his speech, Shiro offered the delegates a choice: submit to his leadership or die. Less than half of the delegates returned home safely from what became known as the Council of One.[5]

When the Draconis Combine was formed, Urizen was appointed as Warlord.

In 2330 he was put in command of the invasion of the Principality of Rasalhague. He led the operation seeing the death of both his older children in January 2334.[6]

He died from congestive heart failure in April 2336 without seeing the conquest finished.[6]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by

Succeeded by
Theodore Kurita


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