Basic Introductions and Facts[edit]

Hello everyone, i just signed up with Battletech Wiki , but i would love to contribute as soon as possible. While i started becoming a fan of the battletech universe via the classic battletech novels(only). I started at the very end of the series, right where the fed-com civil war was closing to a halt. While i was trying to hunt down the other books on the list(much of it discontinued) i dabled with the Mechwarrior Computer games( I started with Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries). Those combined with few other battletech-themed computer games(Mechwarrior 3, Mechwarrior 4, Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries, MechCommander 2) are the only source of my knowledge on the classic battletech universe. While i never played the MechAssault games on the X-box that was suppose to connect CBT(Clasic Battletech) with the new novel line from Wizkids, Mechwarrior: Dark Age(MWDA), i have collected and read most of the novels by Wizkids. I am reading book no. 22 :Wolf Hunters by Kevin Killiany. Since there is very little information partaining this frame of time in the battletech universe, here in Battletech Wiki(Wikipedia has more articles, which lead me to ask, can we, should we, just link the information on wikipedia straight to battletech wiki, if so, how?). I would like to expend more on this particular timeframe, whoever is interested as i am in cataloging this particular timeframe, or just dropping by to give friendly advice can use the the talk page given to me by Battletech Wiki or just E-mail me at

I conclude my introduction by apologizing for my long-windedness and any error i might have unintentially made.

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If you need anything, or just giving friendly advice, give me a holler.