The player behind the character/alias Kyone Akashi, having joined the Battletech fandom largely thanks to the initial release of MechWarrior Online, although previous contact with the IP ranges back as far as MechCommander 1 and 2. Largely focused on Draconis Combine history and culture, I nonetheless harbor a great affection towards the Inner Sphere as a whole, as well as the details and technobabble of the setting's technology. Favored time periods are the Succession Wars (in my opinion the "golden age" of Battletech) and the Dark Age/Republic Era, in this order.


  • Added gallery images to DCMS main article
  • Added BT Line Developer input to Amphigean LAG Talk Page (canon conflict resolution?)
  • Added a basic Republic entry to the Awards article
  • Updates on articles regarding Katana Tormark and the Dragon's Fury
  • Basic articles/foundation for the 62 Battletech video game backer mercenaries