User:Angry Poop

Greetings! I'm Angry Poop

I was introduced to the BattleTech Universe by a friend back in junior high school over a decade ago since then I've been a loyal BT die hard even when the CBT line was all but dead. Curiously enough, I've NEVER played the miniature tabletop game although I did try my hand at painting miniatures for a couple years to mixed results. What drew me to the BT universe was mostly the novels and the fluff universe, I really like reading the history and the stories of the various nations, units, and characters and I'm proud to say I own just about every BT book there is except the very first BT novel, the tabletop game rulebooks, and a couple tech manuals.

I happened upon this wiki purely by chance and noticed that the wiki article on my favorite BT unit of all time the 4th Tikonov Republican Guards didn't even exist! I felt the need to rectify the situation and had the time to burn so I made my very first contribution: a full article on Emperor Baranov's Fourth Republican Guard - Hope you like it.