Sarna News: Bad 'Mechs - Charger


Hello everyone! I'm a Portuguese designer and student with a tremendous fascination with Battletech.

Always had a great deal of curiosity and excitement towards this universe even before I had any idea what it was all about, simply by seeing anything related here and there. In fact, my first contact with it was Mechwarrior 3 and the MWDA Clix system when I was much younger. With my growing appreciation of giant robots, militaria, games and miniature modelling, I always maintained a very superficial and virtual contact with BT for some reason (through MW4, MWO and MWLL), until the last couple of years where I took a deep breath and decided to dive head-first into this amazing universe.

This is where Sarna was absolutely essential and a critical source into understanding Battletech.

Since then, I've been getting my hands on anything BT-related and chewing up fluff like there's no tomorrow! My only setback in terms of boardgaming (either CBT or AS) has been the extremely small and segregated community here in Portugal, but I'm making an effort to join the inner circles and open them up! Fortunately the franchise has been getting some fresh air in the form of video games and new material from CGL, which I hope will interest new blood into the universe and table top aspect of things.

I've been using Sarna so much for info and news that perhaps joining and trying to contribute in any way I can felt like the right thing to do, so here we are!