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About Me[edit]

Preferred Time Periods[edit]

Getting my start with Battletech around the time of the Unseen incident and the beginning of the Clan Invasion I have had a long held affinity for the Clan Invasion and Civil War eras. More recently I have delved more deeply into the Succession Wars as my library has increased and at the (long and continuing) urging of my friend Panzerfaust 150 and developed a greater appreciation for that period. I never really got to like the Jihad era though I did dabble in the Dark Age early on.

Preferred Faction[edit]

Being of Irish, German and Scottish heritage I developed an affinity for the Lyran Commonwealth, somewhere along the way I particularly took a liking to the 3rd Donegal Guard (although I will enjoy any excuse I find to drag out a Warhammer, Zeus, Cauldron Born, Atlas, Fafnir or Hauptmann). At some point I also took a liking to Clan Nova Cat, probably the fact that they actually used camouflage and gave me an excuse to use Clan 'Mechs.


Between braving the dark corners of game shops, eBay and helping friends clear things out of storage I have managed to accumulate a library of FASA and FanPro books, including a number of rarities, with only a small handful of Catalyst produced books. The focus can probably be guessed from the preceding sections but it has a bit of range.


I still never manage to get my 3rd Donegal Guards company out of their cases as often as I would like and I am pretty sure that I don't have any Medium 'Mechs that didn't come out of a starter set. In the mean time I play Mechwarrior:Online (as BSteiner), MekTek's MechWarrior4 upgrade, MechCommander2 and MegaMek. If only I could find my MechWarrior3 install disc...

What I am doing on the Wiki[edit]

At the moment I am trying to clean up and fill out the articles on my personal favorite units, factions and mechs where my library allows me to make a useful contribution. As that progresses we will see where things take me.