Hello everyone! My name is Waylon, but practically everybody calls me "Bubba." The moniker came from my little sister (and only sibling), as the very first word she spoke.

I became Big Uncle Bubba upon the birth of my first nephew because my mother immediately dubbed him "Little Bubba!" I now have three nephews and one niece and up until a few years ago, you could ask them who "Waylon" was, and they wouldn't have had a clue!

I started my long journey and love affair with BattleTech back in 1987 when a squadron mate received an anonymous care package that contained the cardboard cutouts of the 'Mechs. Since that time, I've owned and lost several RTC's worth of 'Mechs, and at least 30 of the various rule, tech, and addendum books, and approximately 50-60 of the various BT, MW, & MW:DA novels. All lost due to a fire, two floods/excessive rains, several thefts, 2 Med Cruises/Deployments (US Navy), one war (Desert Shield/Storm), and 8 moves after leaving the USN! And not in this order, but y'all get the point, right?

The good news is I have now replaced most of the novels lost and added to them as well with about 90+ in my collection.

If slowly rebuilt my Mechs back up to the point that I have one full battalion and an additional two companies. However, they are a mix between the IS and Clan Mechs. But I buy what I like, so I'm happy. I picked up the newish boxed set and then was promptly robbed of the Mechs and the hardbound rule book while still in the game store playing MW:DA Clix! Fortunately, whoever stole the stuff missed the fact that along with the maps that came in the set, there were map packs #4, 6, & 7, sitting next to it. But they did get my record sheets! Arrgh!

Overall, I'm okay with everything. I'm selling off my FFG Star Wars miniatures collection in order to get more Mechs, tech readouts, and record sheets. And I am asking for the hardbound core rule book for Christmas.