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I am Jade Falcon!
I have been playing BT from back in 1990.
This Wiki contribution business is very new. I don't have much to say about myself right now, though I'll add more if it seems appropriate.

I wrote my own eulogy for Robert Thurston, because his work impacted myself as an adolescent.
I think his Rememberance lines should go something like this:

"I gaze through the Eyes of the Trueborn, living and reliving the Strength of the Falcon.
With Falcon Sight is the whole battlefield surveyed, the strategy laid bare.
The Falconer's ferocity and persistence.
The Redemption of the Worthy laid low.
The Freeborn proving the Way of the Clans.
Tukayyid's Draw and the end of the Phoenix.
The Rise of the Daughter earning her Bloodname.
Robert Thurston brought honor, joy and triumph. Robert Thurston shared the pain and defeat.
Robert Thurston showed strength and vitality in his work.
Robert Thurston brought life to the beloved Falcon.
Life unmatched by anyone else that strives for the same.
Robert Thurston gave us all the cry "I am Jade Falcon!"
Thus Robert Thurston lives on, Seyla!