User:BrokenMnemonic/Planet Ovehaul Template

Working Template[edit]

  • System Name Title
  • {{InfoboxSystem}}
regional map image
system name (defaults to star and then lead planet name, without numerals (ex: Solaris, not Solaris VII))
star names: multiple stars added here (optional)
sun spectral class:
recharge time:
  • Opening Statement: "The System Name Title system is the location of the inhabited planets Planet1, Planet2, the inhabited moon Moon3 and the Industrial Satellite4 orbital facility. The system is located in the Region5 district of the FactionName6 as at Current Year."
  • __TOC__
  • Description section: details general facts about the system, such as the objects mentioned in the opening statement (with additional information), other uninhabited structures, recharging stations, others charted sytems (not in list form) that are within one jump, etc.
    • Political Affiliation sub-section: see below.
  • History section: this provides the political climate of the system, especially that which is not planet-dependent, such as when the system changed hands, space battles, etc, all in text form.

  • Planet section: repeated as appropriate
    • {{InfoboxPlanetStandard}}
planet image (priority), banner image (secondary), or blank
image caption, ex: "Planetary flag of Mesartim"
planet name; if the planet name isn't known, give the planet name as the name of the primary star followed by the orbital number of the planet in Roman numeral form, e.g. Rollis II
planet position within the system
time to jumppoints
moons: number (with names if known)
day length:
surface gravity:
atmospheric pressure:
equatorial temperature:
surface water:
highest native life: type
founding year:
status year:
ruler: [[character name]] (for the status year given)
capital city:
population: Where more than one rating exists each should appear, with the appropriate date annotated.
Socio-Industrial Levels: i.e. the former USIIR. Where more than one rating exists each should appear, with the appropriate date annotated.
HPG: type (Precentor name)
    • Planet Name; this can (and should) differ from the name given in the Infobox if the common name for the planet differs from that of the system or infobox standard. Ex: For Terra, the InfoboxPlanetStandard planet name would be Sol III, but the Planet Name at this point in the article would be Terra.
    • Opening Statement: "Planet1 is the [orbital number] planet in the SystemName system [and is the regional capital of the FactionName6's Region5 district]. On the surface, the planet hosts CompanyName7's FactoryName8 industrial facility [and the summer palace of ImportantPerson9], while the Industrial Satellite4 facility orbits its moon, Moon10.
    • History section: provides more details (supposedly) of major events, detailing changes in ownership, battles, major events, etc. Where planets have a detailed history, this section should be sub-divided into sub-sections with clear titles, such as Reunification War, Star League Era, Fourth Succession War, Jihad, etc.
      • Political Affiliation sub-section: this replaces the earlier Owner History entry but stays in list format, reflecting those available data points that show which nation or faction the planet was affiliated with at any given point. this is included here as although it is generally the entire system that changes hands, the fate of that system is usually dependent on battles on the planet; where there are two or more planets within a system, this also allows the affiliation of each to be tracked seperately. In instances where the system is controlled by one faction and inhabited planets are controlled by another, the political affiliation of the system should be recorded seperately within the system area of the article. If a precise date is not available for an event such as a dispute in ownership or a planetary conquest/annexation, it is acceptable to add an entry indicating the range of years within which the planet was disputed/conquered, but this should be expanded on in the history section. Ex: "2351-2352 disputed world (Sarna Supremacy/Chesterton Trade Federation)" or "Ca. 2351-2357 - Sarna Supremacy (annexed during this period)". If a planet's absence from a map of the region in which that planet lies is being recorded here, the affiliation should be given as "No record", to prevent absence of proof being presented as proof of absence. Ex: "2217 - No record" or "3130 - No record".
      • Planetary Ruler sub-section: lists known planetary rulers in date order, with the appropriate titles and dates.
      • Deployment sub-section: lists semi-lists of military units, broken down into smaller sub-sections by years of recorded note.
    • Geography section: a general description of the planet, but in text form (no lists). This should include such details as number and name of continents as well as details of named geological features, but not man-made features such as cities and industrial plants.
    • Planetary Locations section: a hierarchical list, as seen in the Luthien article. Short descriptions of each entry, unless a link is provided.
      • Industrial Centers sub-section: should list all known factories, included this destroyed. Construction and destruction can be indicated by year notes (similar to dates of life for a character).
    • Image gallery: banner image (if not displayed in infobox), additional planetary images, surface maps, etc (optional)

  • Nearby Systems: Details of the systems within 60 light years of the named system, in a tabular format including the name of each system and the distance in light years between the two with the systems listed in order from the closest outwards. See Romulus as an example.
  • References: as expected
  • Bibliography: as expected