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About Me[edit]

Pronouns - She/Her

Well I will keep this as short as possible. I have had a love of Battletech since I was introduced to the game at the age of 13. I have been involved in a fan community and publication and hope to contribute to the Battletech community in the future.

Past Battletech community involvement[edit]

Assisted in development of the 2004 Mecha Calander by

Former Chief of Design and Moderator of Design Forums for

What Im doing now[edit]

I am currently running the Unicorn Company Podcast. I put out episodes every other week and usually have a "MekTek" section at the nd of each podcast where I discuss a design. I am also usually found on Facebook frustrating the people who are trying to retroactively stifle the universe in it's diversity and broad scope.

Wiki Contibutions[edit]

Prior to coming over to a very long time ago I was working heavily on MechWikia. I am just now starting to have my life return to a point where I feel I can be a contribution to the Wiki once again. I am very happy to see that in my absence things have grown and evolved far beyond what I think any of us thought possible originally.

Im Workign On[edit]

Project 1[edit]

  1. Complete needed 'Mech entries for the following Tech Readouts
    1. 2750 - Done
    2. 3025 - Done
    3. 3050 (std and revised) - Done
    4. 3050 (upgrade)
      1. Inner Sphere - Not Started (Awaiting Purchase, ETA 7-10 days)
      2. Clan - Not Started (Awaiting Purchase, ETA - 7-10 days)
    5. 3055 (std and updated)
      1. Inner Sphere - Done
      2. Clan - In Progress
    6. 3058 (std and upgrade)
      1. Inner Sphere - Done
      2. Clan - Not Started
    7. 3060
      1. Inner Sphere - Done
      2. Clan - Not Started
    8. 3067
      1. Inner Sphere - Done
      2. Clan - Not Started
    9. Phoenix
      1. Inner Sphere - Done
      2. Clan - Not Started

Projext 2[edit]

Fix format of established 'Mech Articles - done


BTW PLBattleMechs.jpg

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