CaptainFranklen, or just 'Frank' to his friends, has been a Battletech fan since he was seven years old and his father let him play with a computer game called "Mechwarrior" while spending a day with him at work aboard the the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. Never able to successfully shake the thoughts of futuristic gladiators piloting multi-ton engines of destruction from his imagination, he spent a good portion of his spare time pouring through Tech Readouts and Compendiums that he secured from his local library, turning into a veritable font of knowledge for the Battletech universe. The incredible amounts of scientific material in these books, even if a lot of it was fictional, fed his already incredible love for science, and spurred him to pursue his dream of studying Astrophysics and Engineering. He now resides with his family, along with his cats (Cammi and BeBe) and his dog (Max), on the North American continent of Terra; fairly close to the future site of Comstar's First Circuit Compound.