I am a dude who sometimes gets free time and really loves giant robots. I am still new to the Battletech universe, though not from lack of exposure, as I remember seeing TROs as a kid and really enjoying the mech designs. Played the video games like Mechwarrior 2, Mechcommander 2, and both Mechassaults, and finally have started getting into the tabletop game as well with a recent gift of the 25th Anniversary Into Box Set. I've also started reading some of the Battlecorps stories, have the first printed book of them, and have really started to fall in love with the depth and breadth of the Battletech universe.

In my efforts on the wiki, until I am competent to provide further information, I'll try to focus on grammar/spelling/etc. While not a total grammar nazi, I do have a lot of communicating I do as part of my job, so if I can help clarify pages or clean up word choice and make it easier for existing fans to dissect, and new fans to begin to digest, then that would be fantastic.

I am aware that I will be wrong about this or that, so please show grace when correcting me as I will take the correction well when it is presented respectfully and with appropriate support.

Thanks for your time! :)