the annual income of three or four million[edit]

Prosecutors believe that Panmou disability, lower income, after living skills to become a big problem. Yang is in jail, their children dependents, after prosecutors made a report in this related case, Yongjia's Procuratorate decided to start Panmou judicial aid procedures, to seek judicial relief funds. At present, the judicial aid procedures are processed.

'clock that night like crazy Kanxiang a woman, the woman instantly became blood; 9:59:18, the man cut the perfect hurriedly fled ... </p>

Money to no avail plans to die

A thought of going to hard to make money raising two children, Panmou not fulfill the duties of a mother. Yang gradually to her hatred. Eventually, he decided to die and Panmou.

A few days before the incident, Yang went to the supermarket to buy kitchen knives in a bag, and asked to be working factory Panmou in Yongjia Oubei address and temporary place.

Fortunately, Panmou was the scene witnessed the masses rushed to a hospital, saved their lives, and back to the hands and feet.

Cut the woman is Panmou. Cut her people, her ex-husband Yang.

The will Panmou chopped, Yang fled, he used someone else's ID card over the anonymity of the day.

In 1997, Yang,abercrombie, a local shoe factory workers to make shoes package,hollister pas cher, known than his 6-year-old Panmou. Panmou Yang's colleagues from Lishui jinyun, at the age of 19 years old.

On the evening of October 27 last year, Yang found Panmou ride home, they came Panmou must pass through an alley in advance, armed with a kitchen knife hidden in the dark waiting. 21:58 Panmou cycling appear Yang immediately stepped forward stopped and fled the scene towards Panmou the head, hands, legs, such as many chopped 39 knife.

Because of a violation of family planning,abercrombie, they have dared to implement the account of two children. The settled necessary to fine, I do really have no money. "Yang said, but in the face of her daughter is about the reality of junior high school, he decided to be settled with Panmou.

Recently,sac longchamp, the of Yongjia Procuratorate on suspicion of manslaughter on the Yang in accordance with the law to prosecute.

Daughter 2 years old, Yang opened a small store to make a living, the annual income of three or four million, is very impressive, but Panmou resign at home full-time care for their children.

Two life is happy and affectionate, but did not obtain a marriage license. More than a decade, since that is already legally married couples,doudoune moncler pas cher, not knowing that their marriage has been in a state of the "undocumented".

Yang is in Yongjia, 39 years old this year.

Further mention of his two children, Yang's eyes grew moist. He said to regret it, should not be so impulsive, almost let the children without a mother.

August 2009, the two broke up in the court agreement,abercrombie france, the children brought up by Yang, Panmou every six months to pay child support payments of 3000 yuan. In addition, the two sides shared the social compensation fee of 11,500 yuan.

The prosecutor handling the case said Yang cruel means outrageous, but for the future of Panmou and two children are very worried and sympathy.

<p>What is hatred, Yang could even make such cruel things □ Zhangyin Yan Wing inspection

In the detention center, asked Yang why so cruel a cut is 39 knife when he hugged his head and said: "At that time my mind went blank,air jordan, do not know anything."

Yang several times to call Panmou, intend to urge her to pay as soon as possible, but she refused to answer the phone. This allows Yang was angry, he felt Panmou deliberately dodging he was unwilling to pay.

The two broke up, two children settled in the second half of last year, however, the purpose are the delay in submission. Because of this,doudoune moncler pas cher, Yang often at short notice, asking him to pay social compensation fee as soon as possible.

Since giving birth,louboutin, Yang's income began to make ends meet. "Shop business is bad, but also raising two children, coupled with the family elders, sick, spending a lot of money." Yang recalled, because of money, the contradictions of the couple gradually expanded, and often quarreled. Sometimes an angry Yang beat Panmou. 2003, when the two men together after midnight.

This year, he in Yueqing for three factory workers, find their friends, but home has never seen the child.

The two quickly formed a small family, and in 1998 gave birth to their first child, a girl.

Panmou cut much at the bone exposed, terrible, and one hand cut even attached a little skin ...

Today, Panmou have been discharged,hollister, was identified, her injury for the injured, the level of disability is still identification.

Children 13 years of age is still the "black family"

The procuratorial organs to initiate judicial relief

Chuxian Shi, the two fall in love, get along for some time,abercrombie pas cher, Yang Panmou good, so Panmou decided to marry Yang.

This scene, monitoring the entire process filmed. Face to monitor the number of each knife man cut to just over 30 seconds, a total of 39 knife cut to the woman.

Their children,louboutin, Yang's old mother, a person with a in Yongjia mountain by.

In 2003, they gave birth to a son, but both contradictions staged from this point.

Years of "illegal immigrant" marriage

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