I`ve been playing battletech since 1996. Almost from the beginning, I am a staunch supporter of the Lyran Commonwealth. I like the Commonwealths defiant defense against its neighbouring states (especially the Draconis Combine) as well as its commitment toward its people. In addition, I think the LyrCom is something like the underdog of BattleTech, since it is continuous underestimated by other IS-realms. For example, most of the gains of House Davion during the late 3rd and 4th Succession Wars have only been possible, because the Draconis Combine was preoccupied with the Commonwealth, which freed AFFS RCTs for new offensives against the Capellan Confederation. In fact, this is certified by both the Sourcebook: House Davion - The Federated Suns and the Sourcebook: House Kurita - The Draconis Combine.

My favorite 'Mech-unit is Winfield's Brigade, which is something like an oddity among the LCAF. In fact, I wrote the article concerning the unit's history prior the unit's destruction at the hand of Clan Jade Falcon and its reorganisation as an merc unit.

Though I am a fan of the storyline prior the Clan invasion, I do not really like the 3050+ era, which is -as far as I am concerned- a twisted rip-off of the original BT-universe (especially since I am a House Steiner fanatic^^). Additionally, I prefer lvl-1 tech. However, I do play lvl-2 tech as well from times to times ;)

I intend to expand the history of the LyrCom in the near future.

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