Greetings and welcome to my small corner of Sarna!

My history with the game goes back to when I found the 2nd Edition box in my local book store in the 1980's. Since then I have been reading and playing in the BattleMech/MechWarrior universe for almost 40 years!

My enjoyment for the game universe led me to start editing Sarna about a decade ago and now I am one of the senior editors of Sarna! No idea how that happened!

I am also a demo agent for Catalyst Game Labs and I help run a gaming group in Louisville, KY called the "Louisville BattleTech Network".

I even have a tiny little YouTube channel, The Draconis Rift, where I share some BattleTech videos now and then. And yes, I know I am very behind on that side of things!

Feel free to contact me here or on the Sarna Discord.

Personal Goals:[edit]

Try to contribute what I can when I can. Though as a senior editor on Sarna now, I am trying a little harder to add items daily.

Current Item I am Data Mining[edit]

Sources I have Data Mined to 95%+ completion aka I consider these "Done"[edit]

Sources where I have done some partial Data Mining, but need to revisit[edit]

Awards Board[edit]

Awards Board

Founder's Honorable Mention Award (2016)
All Purpose Award, 3rd ribbon Casual Edit Award, 2nd ribbon Good Article Award, 1st ribbon Time in Service (10 years) Edit Count (2,000)