I have enjoyed playing BattleTech since the early '90's. I am hopelessly stuck in the Level 1 rules. I will, however, use Level 2 rules to create custom 'Mechs and Naval assets(DS,JS and WS). I sadly had to leave my terrian maps behind in a long ago move. I keep my Ral Partha minis! I am fanatical loyal to my affiliation the Taurian Concordat. I loathe and dispise what has been wrought on them in the CBT Cannon post 3058, and wish that the fleas of a thousand camels come to nest in the genitallia of the monsters who dropped an asteroid on Samantha.


Started with a few custom vehicles, Dirk , Culverin , Mace (custom vehicle) , Caltrop and Possum then added a Dropship to carry them around in, the Pontiac.

A moderate amount of minor edits to grammar/spelling for mostly Mercenary units and a few random pages. Added 'new' info to a half dozen of the Taurian planets thanks to my battered copy of The Periphery (sourcebook), FASA 1629.

Current tasks are creating Bio's for the Taurian Concordat starting with the Protector Thomas and kin. I hope to eventually create pages for the Marshals and unit commanders. I do not think I will advance past 3060 in the cannon as I truly DEEPLY loathe that storyline.


Holy $%@*! I am in the top 20 contributers? Already? heh heh heh.

Our first custom JumpShip![edit]

I just can't quit the Fanon, I really can't! The four Jolly Roger (Custom JS)s are now up for your viewing pleasure and check out my VTOL the Harlocke as well if you have the time.


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