About Me[edit]

Short and sweet to start things off and I will get into more detail later when I have more time. I live in Washington State (US) and have been an avid BattleTech fan for the better part of 15, almost 16, years now. I have focused a lot of my interest on the Clans, not because of the initial technological superiority, but because of how they view life in general (at least used to, far to corrupted now). I believe in fair, honorable play with as few resources as possible, which mirrors a lot of things in my own personal life.

List of Important Pages[edit]

List of Projects I'm Working On[edit]

  • Attempting to clarify several misconceptions regarding pseudo-clans and their creation/disbanding.
  • Constantly making small corrections where they are needed, adding circa dates/years, or sometimes just adjusting how something is said to make it more clear to readers.
  • Re-work of the entire Clan main page and subsequent links. This looks like it has needed some love for a while now and given my interest in being more active in the BTW community, seems like as good of a place as any to start.

Special Thanks[edit]

  • Nicjansma: Founder of BTW. Without him none of this would be where it is or at least not in the way we know it now.
  • CJKeys: Heavily involved in BTW.
  • Revanche: Heavily involved in BTW. I am pretty new at coding so all I did was copy Rev's page and edit it to suit my own information/style. Thanks Rev for being a part of this.