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Given the neo-feudal nature of Battletech I have decided that it was about time somebody did something properly insane and started writing about the various noble lineages of the inner sphere.

This page is mostly a place for me to datadump bits I intend to chase down.


Capellan Confederation[edit]

In 3025 Capellan Confederation has 12 major noble lines and 10 minor noble families in addition to House Liao.[1] The Confederation is divided up into 30 Duchies and 37 independent fiefdoms.[2]

  1. Duke of Chesterton
  2. Duke of Liao
  3. Duke of Mitchel
  4. Duke of Sarna
  5. Duke of St. Ives
  6. Duke of Tikonov
  7. Duke of Thomas

Free Worlds League[edit]

At the founding of the League a College of Arms was established to standardize titles and register the pedigrees of noble families.[3]


Dame Carrie Ellison and Lady Lyla Nott.[4]


House Alaimo[edit]

House Britto[edit]

  • Willard Britto, son of Viscount Britto, "first secretary to the Marquis of Florida, and owner of half the planet"[5]

House Davion-Green[edit]

House Griffin[edit]

House Gruizot[edit]

House Jaggoda[edit]

Uncertain if even a real name.

House Kell[edit]

House Mead[edit]

House Meyer[edit]

House Minsk-Davion[edit]

House Morning[edit]

A martial family from New Valencia.

House Reichart[edit]

Countess Reichart, a noble from Kathil.[13]

House Sefnes[edit]

Baron from New Syrtis, loyal to Michael Hasek-Davion.[14]

House Schetzle[edit]

Schetzle is possibly not the family name. Lyran mercenary Demios confesses to being "Baron von Schetzle", it is also implied in the epilogue there is the implication that a man refered to as * "Lord Rayner" is Demios's father.[15]

House Sharplen[edit]

Grover Shraplen, Protector of the Taurian Concordat

House Somokis[edit]

House Steiner[edit]

  • Margrafin Kelya is described as Katrina Steiners cousin.[16]


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