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Given the neo-feudal nature of Battletech I have decided that it was about time somebody did something properly insane and started writing about the various noble lineages of the inner sphere.

This page is mostly a place for me to datadump bits I intend to chase down.

House Achernar[edit]

County controlling Achernar BattleMechs on New Avalon[1]

Copy/paste info from Achermar planetary profile.

House Britto[edit]

  • Willard Britto, son of Viscount Britto, "first secretary to the Marquis of Florida, and owner of half the planet"[2]

House Cirillo[edit]

House Corean[edit]

County controling Corean Enterprises on New Avalon[1][4]

House Fusilli[edit]

House Fusilli links Shakir Jerrar with the Dragons Fury.

House Gruizot[edit]

House Horvet[edit]

House Ismon[edit]

  • R. K. Ismon, Count in 3022.[6]

House Ivanick[edit]

Dutchy controlling Independence Weaponry[1]

House Jaggoda[edit]

Uncertain if even a real name.

House Lottimer[edit]

House Litzau[edit]

One of the "First Families" of Maldive and ancestral rulers of the world through executive control of Litzau Enterprises.

House Meyer[edit]

House Ritza[edit]

House Ritza are the ruling noble house of the world Emporia[9]

House Rossini[edit]

Star League Era[edit]

In 2701 the Justice Building in the city state of Count Donvier Rossini was destroyed by the Count, who also executed his critics in defiance of the Laws of Noble Conduct and Review, the state laws published by the First Prince in 2634 that guaranteed the right for public inquiries into the actions of the nobility. The response from the First Prince was swift - a unit of the elite Royal Guards was swiftly dispatched to bring Rossini to justice, and Rossini was tried, found guilty and subjected to public execution for this actions.[11]

House Sefnes[edit]

Baron from New Syrtis, loyal to Michael Hasek-Davion[12]

House Schetzle[edit]

Schetzle is possibly not the family name. Lyran mercenary Demios confesses to being "Baron von Schetzle", it is also implied in the epilogue there is the implication that a man refered to as "Lord Rayner" is Demios's father.[13]

House Sharplen[edit]

House Smith[edit]

Described as a minor noble family from New Syrtis, divested of titles after death of Michael Hasek-Davion for anti-Davion sentiments.

House Stefanis[edit]

House Steiner[edit]

Margrafin Kelya is described as Katrina Steiners cousin.[15]

House Zhou[edit]


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