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Major Project house is an ongoing project to catalog the noble houses of the Inner Sphere as best I can. BattleTech is space feudalism but we do not actually see a lot of it going on beyond the five main houses. I am interested in the various Dukes, Counts and Barons.

Phase 1

  • Upgrade all character articles to include Infobox. Complete - (07/01/20)
  • Develop Title article format. Complete - (18/05/18)
  • Develop House article format. Complete - (18/05/18)
  • Migrate Family Tree articles into House Articles. Complete - (07/01/20)

Phase 2

  • Create article for each noble house/notable family. In progress
  • Create article for each noble title/notable position. In progress

Phase 3

  • Link known titles into planet articles.
  • Attempt to link unspecified Counties and Baronies with locations.


Capellan Confederation[edit]

In 3025 Capellan Confederation has 12 major noble lines and 10 minor noble families in addition to House Liao.[1] The Confederation is divided up into 30 Duchies and 37 independent fiefdoms.[2]

  1. Duke of Capella
  2. Duke of Chesterton
  3. Duke of Liao
  4. Duke of Mitchel
  5. Duke of Sarna
  6. Duke of St. Ives
  7. Duke of Tikonov
  8. Duke of Thomas
  9. Duke of Tsitsang[3]
  10. Duke of Highspire

Federated Suns[edit]

The Five Principalities[edit]

Recognising that the size of the Federated Suns prevented a central government from being able to respond to localised issues, Simon Davion created five principalities in 2417 and their attendant nobility.[4]

Free Worlds League[edit]

At the founding of the League a College of Arms was established to standardize titles and register the pedigrees of noble families.[5]

Casion's Peerage is published by Globe Press of Atreus.[6]


Dame Carrie Ellison and Lady Lyla Nott.[7]

Lyran Commonwealth[edit]

Brandenberg Edicts issued by Archon Katherine Steiner in 2413 that firmly established LCAF ranks. The ranks in the LCAF wre adapted from those used by the Federal Republic of Germany in the 20th century. The edict also added the title of Duke. Those titles created are non-inheritable and there were used only to bolster her military's egos while leaving no real power behind them.[8]

Terran Hegemony[edit]

Director-General Michael Cameron introduces the Edict of 2351 reviving the concept of titles of nobility.[10]

31 one titles where granted in this year.[10]

  1. Marquess of Military Technology.[11]
  2. Countess of the Arts.[10]


House Avellar[edit]

House Brewer[edit]

House Britto[edit]

  • Willard Britto, son of Viscount Britto, "first secretary to the Marquis of Florida, and owner of half the planet"[14]

House Carlyle[edit]

House Cole[edit]

House De Varley[edit]

House Diamandis[edit]

House Griffin[edit]

House Gruizot[edit]

House Hasek[edit]

House Jaggoda[edit]

Uncertain if even a real name.

House Kell[edit]

House Kincaid[edit]

House Langsdorf[edit]

House Leandros[edit]

House O'Reilly[edit]

House Regis[edit]

House Reichart[edit]

House Sefnes[edit]

House Schetzle[edit]

Schetzle is possibly not the family name. Lyran mercenary Demios confesses to being "Baron von Schetzle", it is also implied in the epilogue there is the implication that a man refered to as * "Lord Rayner" is Demios's father.[27]

House Shraplen[edit]

Grover Shraplen, Protector of the Taurian Concordat

House Sian-Marik[edit]

House Steiner[edit]

  • Margrafin Kelya is described as Katrina Steiners cousin.[29]

House Stewart[edit]


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