Hello, I'm a 17-year-old from Germany.

I've first learned about the Battletech Universe when I was 6 and my father showed me Mechcommander 2. Since then I've read all books, played most main series games and sometimes even the Tabletop (I have around 50 custom painted Mechs).

I play Mechwarrior Online almost every day and use the forums very actively, mostly the German subforum though. My ign is N F X.

2 Things some people may know me from are my Mechwarrior Online Conceptart Repaints or my Mechwarrior 4 Mech variant Packs on Moddb where I recreated all possible canon Variants with, of course, the help Sarna. I don't really remember when I first found this website, but I have used it at least for the last 5 Years as my main source for BT information.