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Free Worlds League Military[edit]

FWLM First Wave[edit]

FWLM Second Wave[edit]

With more time to prepare, the FedCom defenders did marginally better at defending their systems from the Free Worlds League forces that attacked, though they lost Devil's Rock, Oliver, Castor, Pollux, and Zosma. Unlike the first wave, the FWLM didn't always use overwhelming force when taking these systems, allowing the FedCom defenders to give a better performance.

Capellan Confederation Armed Forces[edit]

Role of the Capellan Confederation[edit]

As a result of the joint invasion, the CCAF captured nineteen planets in their first attempt and started rebellions on fifty planets.[1]

CCAF First Wave[edit]

CCAF Second Wave[edit]


Attackers: Capellan sponsored Guerrillas
Defenders: Planetary Militia
Outcome: Large scale rebellion[2]


Attackers: Capellan sponsored Guerrillas
Defenders: Planetary Militia
Outcome: Large scale rebellion, which started off well for the Capellans, but eventually was secured by pro-Steiner forces[3]

New Home[edit]

Attackers: Capellan sponsored Guerrillas
Defenders: Planetary Militia
Outcome: Large scale rebellion[4]

Epsilon Indi[edit]

Attackers: Capellan sponsored Guerrillas
Defenders: Planetary Militia
Outcome: The a planet-wide rebellion was started but eventually ran out of steam[5]


Attackers: Northwind Highlanders, Death Commandos[citation needed]
Defenders: Consul Guards, 3rd Royal Guards, 1st NAIS Cadre
Outcome: A surprising victory was achieved for the Capellans[6]


Attackers: Black Cobras, Smithson's Chinese Bandits
Defenders: Planetary Militia
Outcome: The planet was only temporarily taken, and in the end remained under Davion control.[7]

Independent Nations in Chaos March[edit]

Independent nations in the Chaos March created as result of the invasion.

Duchy of Small[edit]


Outcome: Ingress forged a alliance with Small World in exchange for the protection of the Ducal Militia.[8]

Small World[edit]

Outcome: The Duke's regiment-sized force of personal guards defeated Capellan terrorists, then declared the world independent.[9]

Saiph Triumvirate[edit]


Outcome: Elements of the Fifth Lyran Regulars abandoned Saiph, leading to civil war. Pro-Capellan groups gained control of the world.[10]

Tall Trees[edit]

Outcome: Elements of the Fifth Lyran Regulars abandoned Tall Trees, leading to civil war. Pro-Capellan groups took control.[11]

New Canton[edit]

Outcome: On New Canton, forces of McCarron's Armored Cavalry and the First Kestrel Grenadiers fought for two months and then abandoned the planet. Count Lado Balatine sent 'Mech forces to support counterrevolutionary movements. The counterrevolutionaries won and the Triumvirate was born.[12]

Sarna Supremacy[edit]


Attackers: Stapleton's Grenadiers, The Tooth of Ymir
Defenders: The Kaifeng SMM, The Sarna Martial Academy's First Battalion, Grim Determination
Outcome: The Grenadiers fled after taking substantial losses from the air superiority of the defenders, and the Tooth of Ymir surrendered.[13]


Outcome: Grim Determination and the newly hired Tooth of Ymir liberated Sakhalin from a single battalion of Kingston's Legionnaires.[14][15]


Attackers: House Hiritsu forces
Defenders: Kaifeng SMM
Outcome: Because Kaifeng was the breadbasket planet of the Sarna Supremacy, it was targeted first, and fell relatively quickly to Capellan forces, along with Sarna and Sakhalin.[16][17] It was later retaken by the Kaifend SMM.[18]

Sirian Holds[edit]


Attackers: Civilians
Defenders: Boodelay's Backup
Outcome: Jo's Fourth Cavalry and Boodelay's Backup (both mercenaries) defended the planets. The units were crushed by followers of Alisendar Gyrn , claiming to be the reborn Jerome Blake; his followers sought to destroy all modern technology. Gyrn's thugs began rounding up dissidents, intellectuals, technicians, and many others ostensibly to begin their re-education as a "purification" for a new era.
Both planets were later liberated through an attack by the Sirian Lancers.[19][20]


Attackers: Civilians
Defenders: Jo's Fourth Cavalry

Styk Commonality[edit]


Outcome: The Third Donegal Guards abandoned the planet, leading to chaos and civil unrest. Pro-Capellan forces were defeated through the intervention of assorted mercenary units. Styk and Gan Singh later created the Styk Commonality.[21]

Gan Singh[edit]

Attackers: Martian CuirassiersPandora's BoxThird Donegal Guards
Outcome: Pro-Capellan forces were defeated by the assorted mercenary forces. The planet announced the creation of the Styk Commonality to defend themselves.[22][23][24]

Terracap Confederation[edit]

Terra Firma[edit]

Attackers: Pro-Capellan forces, Blackhearts, Fist of Mokal
Defenders: Lyran Militia
Outcome: A huge part of the Lyran defenders abandoned the world after the declaration of the Lyran Alliance. The remaining militia held off attacking forces until the arrival of Blackhearts and Fist of Mokal mercenary unit, which helped defeat the defending Lyrans.[25]


Outcome: The Fist of Mokal landed on the planet and forged an alliance with a Blakist-friendly separatist faction.[26][27]

Independent Worlds of the Chaos March[edit]


Outcome: Capellan agents and their private noble armies seized the planet. Merchants hired the Tiger Sharks; the mercenaries were initially successful, but were stopped by a pro-Liao counterattack. No central government was left as a result, causing independent city-states to rule the planet.


Attackers: Two battalions of Ishara's Grenadiers
Defenders: Arboris SMM
Outcome: As the Grenadiers began to harass civilians, a resistance movement was born. As a result, the Farmers Freedom Army forged an alliance with the Arboris SMM. The Freedom army turned against the SMM after a great victory over the Grenadiers. In the end, the three factions fought to a standstill.


Outcome: Liao and Marik forces bypassed Bryant for more tempting targets. A local warlord calling himself Viscount Dvensky claimed Bryant as his fiefdom.


Outcome: The Denebola Skye March Militia and Gustafson's Grenadiers (planetary defenders) were on exercise when Liao agents instigated uprisings on the planet; the revolt was stopped by local forces. As a consequence, the two factions threatened each other to surrender, but neither of them gave in. Lindon's Battalion was on-planet for rest and refit, and found themselves under attack. The Stealthy Tigers and Always Faithful mercenary groups also landed and shifted the tide in Liao's favor. No single faction ended up with complete control of the planet.

Carver V[edit]

Outcome: Liao sympathizers, aided by Capellan agents, took advantage of the Liao-Marik invasion to rebel against the planet's Commonwealth government. A mercenary aerospace unit - Angels of No Mercy - inflicted heavy damage on the FedCom militia. Four factions (Pro-Davion, Pro-Steiner, Pro-Marik and Pro-Liao forces) battled for control of the planet.


Defenders: 5th Republican
Outcome: The defenders were unsuccessful in defending important sites; the commander was later revealed to be a Maskirovka spy. Noble forces attacked FedCom forces and were defeated in the process.

Epsilon Eridani[edit]

Outcome: Epsilon Eridani SMM rooted Liao cells out with great efficiency. The commander of the militia declared independence from every great house, and was elected the planet's new leader.

Epsilon Indi[edit]

Outcome: The Zhanzheng de guang incited an uprising against the local government, but were defeated by the combined forces of militia and citizens. Pro-Liao forces got support from the Langendorf Lancers, but couldn't make a final decision.


Attackers: Zhanzheng de guang guerillas
Defenders: Local Militia
Outcome: Neither faction gained total control.


Outcome: After early victories for the militia, they where crushed by rebels. Local forces wore them down and, afterwards, fought amongst themselves for control of the planet.


Outcome: The 4th Republican Guards were crushed by a rebel movement. The commander of the rebel unit crowned himself Emperor of Hall after Katherine Steiner-Davion's famous speech. Some local opposition remained on the planet, plus the Ridzik twins Yuri and Nikoli were left infighting.


Outcome: The 2nd FedCom RCT was defeated by the First and Second Regiments of McCarron's Armored Cavalry. The surviving unit was later destroyed on Elgin by the Swann's Cavaliers. After the fighting, three realms were established and the balance of power was stabilized.


Outcome: A short-lived Anti-Davion rebellion led to the fall of power from Duke Joseph Hunsen. His daughter was later placed in power and asked for help from the Lyran Alliance. The Archon sent the 30th Lyran Guards as support.

New Home[edit]

Outcome: The 30th Lyran Guards declared martial law after repeated harassment of their forces. The planetary government lost control and rebels gained power. The Guards fought against the newly formed New Home Regulars (mixed regiment) but neither force won in the end.


Outcome: The Chancellor helped the Northwind Highlanders through an agent. The 3rd Royal Guards fought for control but lost against the combined might of MacLeod's Regiment and Stirling's Fusiliers.


Outcome: Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao proclaimed Outreach as an independent barony of the Capellan Confederation. Wolf's Dragoons later took control of the planet.


Outcome: A single regiment of the Sheratan Knights (loyal to the Federated Commonwealth) defeated local rebels. The arrival of the Fist of Mokal turned the tide of the fighting. The local government collapsed after widespread fires on the planet.


  • Planets attacked by the CCAF
Planet FedCom Forces CCAF
Sarna Grim Determination and Sarna Martial Academy Cadre Stapleton's Grenadiers[28]
Campertown Twelfth Vegan Rangers {Alpha} Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers
Wazan 6th Syrtis Fusiliers Kamakura's Hussars
Wei Wei CMM 1st McCarron's Armored Cavalry
Kaifeng Kaifeng SMM
Sakhalin 3rd FedCom RCT ? 3rd McCarron's Armored Cavalry
Second Try 8th FedCom RCT ???
New Canton 1st Kestrel Grenadiers ???
Corey Corey SMM ???
Raballa ??? ???
Lesalles 4th FedCom RCT ???
Shensi 5th Crucis Lancers ???
Tsitsang 5th FedCom RCT ???
Styk 3rd Donegal Guards (FM LA p. 64) Warrior House Imarra
Elnath 15th Arcturan Guards (FM LA p. 56) ???
Phact 2nd Robinson Rangers ???
Tsinghai 12th Vegan Rangers {Beta} ???
Old Kentucky 12th Vegan Rangers {Gamma} ???
Chamdo 12th Vegan Rangers {Delta} ???
Truth 20th Avalon Hussars ???
Tsingtao 6th Lyran Guards ???
Bora 5th Syrtis Fusiliers ???

In roughly six months, the Confederation reclaimed nineteen systems lost during the Fourth Succession War and also instigated pro-Liao movements or anti-Davion rebellions on more than fifty other worlds.

  • Planets attacked by the FWLM
Planet FWLM Defenders
Acamar Greenburg's Godzillas (Mercs) Militia
Asuncion (FWL) 3rd Free Worlds Legionnaires
3rd Free Worlds Guards
1st Atrean Dragoons
Zion-backed Mercenaries
Unruly Mob
Callison 4th Free Worlds Legionnaires
1st Free Worlds Guards
11th Lyran Guards
Planetary Militia
(Guards withdrew when Falcons arrived on-world)
Caph (CM) Stealthy Tigers (Mercs) Gustafson's Grenadiers (Mercs)
Capolla Blackhearts (Mercs)
Assisted CCAF
Lyran Garrison (Unknown)
Castor 3rd Sirian Lancers Handful of Militia Regiments
Denebola 6th Free Worlds Legionnaires Small Planetary Militia
Devil's Rock 3rd Free Worlds Guards Planetary Militia
Elgin Swann's Cavaliers (Mercs)
Assisted CCAF?
2nd FedCom RCT
Graham IV 30th Marik Militia Planetary Militia
Marcus 7th Free Worlds Legionnaires
12th Atrean Dragoons
5th Marik Militia
12th FedCom RCT
Oliver 20th Marik Militia
1st Orloff Grenadiers
3rd NAIS Cadet Cadre
Pollux 34th Marik Militia 7 Militia Regiments
Procyon 4th Free Worlds Legionnaires
1st Sirian Lancers
Sirius 2nd Sirian Lancers
3rd Sirian Lancers
(Unknown, probably mercs) Sirian Holds Campaign
Talitha Atrean Hussars
6th Marik Militia
Iron Guard
1st Republican
Van Diemen IV 10th Marik Militia
3rd Oriente Hussars
3rd Republican
Wasat 13th Marik Militia
2nd Sirian Lancers
4th Oriente Hussars
21st Centauri Lancers (Mercs)
2nd Republican
Zosma 9th Marik Militia FedCom Militia
Zurich Crater Cobras (Mercs) (Unknown)

(Unknown) Barrett's Fusiliers (Mercs) (Unknown) Assisted CCAF (Unknown) Redfield's Renegades (Mercs) (Unknown) Assisted CCAF


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