Hey guys,

First of all I just wanted to thank you all for playing with me, hopefully we can all enjoy what time we spend with each other.

Secondly I wanted to inform you about my own personal guidelines and request that you enforce them upon me if or when I forget:

1) The play nice policy. Good friends can correct each other freely without fear of bad blood. I want to share this level of trust with you guys. Treat me to your guidence when I am in the wrong and I hope I can act in a manner that deserves that trust. Every relationship is about give and take however, so in return I want to promise you that any time I feel the need to talk to you I will be understanding, tactful, and never act out of negative emotions. This policy is one that I carry out throughout my life both here and elsewhere so please contact me if you see my handle do something hurtful on any site. No worries, I've never met another Greyhind.

2) In regards to this wiki I am afraid that my levels of Battletech familiarity may not be up to scratch. For this reason I intend to limit myself to surface edits on things like punctuation, although naturally iI plan on using the discussion pages freely.

Thankyou for your visit, Greyhind --Greyhind 10:28, 16 March 2010 (UTC)