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When I was a boy in the early Nineties I was introduced to a game called BattleTech. Gigantic, cool-looking robots fighting against each other (I still love the cover with the Warhammer on the second Edition Box). And when I borrowed the Gray-Death-Trilogy I was lost. I like BattleTech because of its combination of action and interesting fiction, though the best thing is that there are no aliens and the technology is not too overdone. Unfortunately I play rarely because of the lack of other players but I read everything I get into my fingers. So I build up a lot of knowledge about BattleTech and would like to share it with you by writing in this wiki.

I'm back[edit]

Hey folks! I was not able to participate on the wiki recently, for I had to learn for some exams and additionaly had problems with my computer. But now I am back and especially looking forward to the Project Planets Overhaul.


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