000 yuan[edit]

'm not in the wedding scene supervision, planning a wedding is in the office." In the November holiday, wedding planner Mo not only did not leave,jordan, the seventh of eight hours and have to work every day. "Dry line,アディダス サッカー, public holidays are certainly busy day!" Zhang Mo up at five or six o'clock every day the 7:00 either appear in the venue of the wedding,mulberry outlet uk, either in the office, and basically had the night before the work of one or two in the morning, even 36 hours without sleep experience. November holiday,abercrombie france, Zhang Mo of time on the whole work, could not be said to go home to see their parents, even the time to call my parents have been compressed to a minute or two. Basic is reported safe you have to hang in October wedding is too much. No time To eat everyday busy wedding fill their stomachs only 11 holidays, eating bread every morning,VILLAGES instigation office staff Yuemou,mulberry outlet, Zhang Mo in the wedding scene Steering. The facing table tables delicacies, but he only bread to eat. "Our rules are not allowed to eat the wedding, even if not this rule, we did not eat the effort," said Zhang Mo, do a wedding as much as hosting a party venue coordination, site layout,モンクレールジャケット, lighting debug missing one can not do. "wedding planner is the director of these links. Despite 78 helpers, Zhang Mo everything myself. "This is the most important new moment, so careless," said Zhang Mo. Biscuits,to pay their child-rearing reading tuition during the loss of fees totaling 41, bread is the Zhang Mo closest of food, instant noodles is a rare delicacy, they sometimes miss a meal. "Diema phone is no longer told time and dinner,スパイク サッカー, but asked that I try to eat nutritious." Said Zhang Mo. Did not work Chat colleagues wedding consultant agency partners where overnight nothing to do with a leisure articles Zhang Mo seventy-eight Planners, the eleven during full round. Morning everyone in the wedding scene busy afternoon to be in the office in preparation for the wedding the next day, and sometimes busy overnight. Even in daily face ten to twenty hours,on July 2 this year, "a leisure articles have nothing to do." Others are busy visiting friends and relatives during the holidays, Zhang Mo's friend is the one to the holidays "hide" him. "They know I work at this time almost is lianzhouzhuan to, do not have time to entertain them. Looking for my friends will take the initiative to miss a public holiday." Zhang Mo said. No less earn Money an annual income of 10 million to make money mainly by taking the amount Zhang Mo income between 70,chaussures de foot,000 to 100,000 yuan, half of which are in May and June and November,air jordan, before and after two wedding peak period earned. "In fact,ナイキ サッカー, the wedding peak, a variety of costs, profits do a wedding is not as good as usual. We make money is by taking the amount, so the peak season never expect to rest." It is understood that the wedding planning The minimum charge in about six or seven thousand dollars. According to the different requirements of the new, a toll is on no ceiling. Among them,air jordan, six or seven thousand only include simple site layout and staffing. Huili edition text / reporter Zhang Jie camera / reporter</p>