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Vandal Cop Award, 1st ribbon Time in Service (9 months)

About Me[edit]

I got into Battletech back in elementary school (late 90's). I've played the game on and off ever since, played all of the mechwarrior games, and read a fair amount of the fiction.

I lost interest in the game around the time the Dark Age tabletop game started picking up, but I play the game more than ever now that I've discovered MegaMek.

I use this site a lot for the campaigns and games that I run and participate in, and as such I would like to give back to the site as best I can. I don't own much in the way of source books, but I think I can still contribute, even if in a small way.

What I'm Doing[edit]

  • Edit typos, correct grammar, and improve the writing style in the articles as I use the site. I may not be Dickens, but I am a capable writer. I also know that several of the more prolific writers on this site do not speak English as a first language and could probably use a helping hand.
  • Expand planetary and unit information as the sources available to me permit.
  • Expand, improve, and clean up categories for each page.
  • Create the following pages