Hello there.

I've been a fan of BattleTech since I started reading its novels and sourcebooks in the 90s (I played the board game a couple of times in the 80s) and I've been a user of for years, although I haven't done much contributions.

I'm currently writing a major expansion for the 2018 BattleTech videogame called [Hyades Rim], which presents a new unofficial version/alternate history of the Arano Restoration campaign, with a new story and missions, flashpoints, events, characters, and an expanded star map to include the missing Taurian and Canopian systems, the Marian Hegemony and additional Davion/Liao/Marik systems. I've stuck to BattleTech canon and style, and focusing on the end of the 3rd Succession War, although I've already written tons of original material for star systems, etc., that doesn't exist on the canon material.

So if you have that game, take a look at the mod, it is written as an expansion and doesn't fundamentally overhaul or change any of the game's mechanics or gameplay. The basic premise of the 'unofficial' campaign is that Kamea Arano was exiled during the initial coup rather than presumed dead and she's now working with the player's company. The inspiration for this change came from the BattleTech literature, where usually there's one major version of events (usually dictated by ComStar)... until someone decides to publish a different version of History.