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I was introduced to the BattleTechWiki by Revanche and have fallen in love with the place. So why am I here? To help keep the place looking nice (basic article editing, etc) and to troll around and admire all the hard work put into to this project.

To Nic and CJ; Wow, what a fantastic job you guys are doing here.

To Revanche; Thank you for bringing me to this wonderland of CBT treasures and information.

About Me[edit]

Is it too self-indulgent to use a captial M for me? Anyway, I am a long-time inhabitant of New Star Software, which is owned and run by Revanche. He was kind enough to take me in when I was a websiteless orphan (and I still am) and now I have graduated to Assisting Administrator there. I have written a number of fan fiction stories for the New Star RPG section and solved a number of crimes from the offices of JT Investigations.

I bought my first BattleTech boxed set in 1989 (if my fading memory serves me well) and have never looked back. If I could earn a living doing this sort of thing I an instant.....without a second thought....and all that jazz.

I'm also an administrator and the RPG Game Coordinator (and major fan fiction writer) over at New Solaris, however after a little over 5 years I'm still only a captain (I think) at HeavyMetal Pro...--Jimmy the Tulip 21:42, 13 November 2006 (CST)

Been a long time[edit]

Wow! It doesn't seem like it's been 7 years (almost) since my last time here. I've been very remiss in doing anything constructive on the BTWiki but have found it to be an invaluable source of information, particularly for my new fixation.

I discovered the online version of the classic BT board game Succession Wars. This is a project undertaken by Brian Compter and Ellis Farmer, collectively known as Scrapyard Armory. Their work faithfully recreates the 4th Succession Wars and 1st Succession Wars scenarios for that game. Formy part, I've been involved in creating the Orders of Battle for many of the scenarios. I have assisted with the 1st Succession War OoB, plus i have created a custom OoB for the Clan Invasion 3052, Age of War 2550 and Dawn of the Dark Age 3085 scenarios.

I am currently working on scenarios for the 3145 era setting, which I have titled Renaissance and for some non-canon scenarios such as the 3025-based Expansion Wars and Medron Pryde's Human Sphere. The BattleTechWiki has been instrucmental in helping to get these scenarios completed and tested so thank you all for your work here. It has helped me tremendously!--Jimmy the Tulip 15:04, 24 September 2013 (NZST)