Kobura is a new addition to the crew, overjoyed that there's an actual community still around for the excellent Battletech series. Having played in the Battletech universe since renting the SNES titles Mechwarrior and Mechwarrior 3050 as a very young sibko. Some of this one's earliest memories come from being denied an increased bounty on missions in one of these games, and the fact that weapons would cycle through rapidly (and inefficiently) when the fire button was held down.

Going from that to Mechwarrior 2, optimized for and packaged with his first graphics card (again, as a youngling, a purchased as opposed to personally custom-built machine) a Diamond Monster Voodoo, quickly addicted the kid to mech-on-mech action. It was eventually lost and forgotten for a long while over the shuffle of life, but the spark would not die. When Mechwarrior 3 came to Kobura, he almost immediately remembered his previous joys, and took to it to the exclusion of the other games that came alongside this gift (including Half-Life which didn't get played for months, and Quake 2 which never even got installed). A Bushwhacker replaced the Pikachu background that had long since graced defiled his desktop on that Windows95 Pentium 2 Quantum-Fireball-6GB-equipped monster.