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Holding page for my d20 project

The following are some tables generated:

Games of BattleTech that have more than a few units per side can quickly become bogged down in numerous rolls of 2d6. One solution is to replace any 2d6 roll with a 1d20 roll. Commentary on the specific probabilistic distributions can be found in my 2d6 to 1d20 Equivalence essay. Included here are some converted tables for use with Total Warfare. While these tables do not replace all TW tables they provide the most commonly used tables and demonstrate how to convert tables to a 1d20 format.

1d20 Mech Hit Location Tables.jpg

1d20 Cluster Hits Table.jpg

1d20 Combat Vehicle Hit Location Table.jpg

1d20 Ground Combat Vehicle Critical Hit Table.jpg

1d20 VTOL Critical Hit Table.jpg

VTOL Hit Location Table.jpg

1d20 Protomech Hit Location Table.jpg

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