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Well, this is me. I'm into BattleTech, though to be honest I've always been into the video games, so you will most likely see me working with Apocryphal content based on my relatively wide in-game experiences verified by having the games in the background and drawing info from them, mostly regarding MechCommander Gold, MechWarrior 3, and MechWarrior 4 - possibly MWO and MechWarrior 2, though I'm rusty on MechWarrior 2. I've got a healthy respect for the roots behind the games, so if you see me in regular articles I'll be fixing grammar or making a section more clear. The main reason I joined? Besides using this site hundreds of times over the years (I'm being very, very generous with that number), I'm a roleplayer and gamer who has seen BattleTech evolve. The immediate reason is because I looked at the article for Marcus Kotare and thought it could use an overhaul.

If anyone wants to help with a project just say so on the user page. For each project I have ideas and wouldn't mind a bit in terms of collaboration.

I'll add "project pages" and edit histories below, shall I?

Mech Game Battle Plans[edit]

Overall, the goal is to update the pages and make them up to snuff with the rest of the wiki. I'll start by approaching games one by one and finishing off with making everything consistent. But that's for later... here's for now...

MechCommander: The Update (current project)[edit]


Marcus Kotare: Pre-edit to italicize a mech name.

Marcus Kotare: Paragraph syntax revision, refocused article to describe the character. Most sentences revised to fit the content changes, though appropriate elements were retained. Removed various segments that -I could not find to be supportable, and -stated opinions. Dates were conflicting (Captured in 3060, but his planet was invaded in 3059? Eh?) and removed to avoid the messy bits; no specific dates could be found for a few sections (by me at least). Citation needed on mentions of Clan Nova Cat - I can't verify the info one way or another at the moment, and I don't want to delete it, so it along with a few smaller sections may be a little off (I used "squishy phrases" for them, if anyone can fill the blanks... problem is you can only go so far when it's a game where backstory is second). -Katherine Furey and Marcus Osis added as side characters on the smoke jag minor char page. Red links for Kotare eliminated.

MechCommander (officer): A bit of a scattered page. I'd like to get it on track and be a bit better at presenting info.

MechCommander (Video Game): a rather iffy page that hasn't been touched in a while. Good news is that the major revamp in store tag is now valid :)

I'm sure I'll find more, but this should be enough for the plate now, eh?

MechCommander 2[edit]

MechCommander 2: If nothing else, the page does not fit well structure wise to the rest of the game pages, and thus it needs some updating to fit the themes.

Mechwarrior 3[edit]

Mechwarrior 3: A look at the main page seems to be in order.

Mechwarrior 4[edit]

Pretty far to the future, but I find the whole way the games are presented could start by a disambiguation page, and going from there.

Weapon Pages: Updates[edit]

The wiki's pretty shoddy about links to weapon stats for each game, and thus I add this as a future project.

Future Projects[edit]

At some point I might throw myself at this: Beta Regiment (Wolf's Dragoons). Even the title strikes me as a bit long ^.^ And yes, for a wiki article... it's more like a super-encyclopedia entry for a Wolf's Dragoons record-keeper... Given the scale of the project at the vary least I would wait until later on, and probably get a couple other people to help work on this as well.