Began playing Battletech in 1988, while serving in the US Navy, after being introduced to the game at 'Campaign Headquarters' (A little, absolutely stereotypical [right down to the 'Store cat'], gaming shop which used to exist at Wards Corner, in Norfolk, Virginia). having been playing, fairly regularly, to present.

Over the years, while at sea, on the beach and after retirement, I've gone from possessing the first Mech I was assigned (A Whitworth), to building up to possessing/running the 'Dark Star Mercenary Corps', a Combined-Arms Mercenary Regiment, descended from the SLDF's 287th Mech Division (‘Tobruk Division’), which 'Missed Movement' during Kerensky's 'Exodus Order'. From 2790 to 'present', the DSMC has been under contract to the Federated Suns/Federated Commonwealth.