The Armed Forces of the Federated Suns (AFFS) is the military branch of the Federated Suns, the Successor State ruled for most of its history by House Davion. After 3054, it was integrated into the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth (AFFC). This organization was short-lived, however, as the AFFC was largely folded back into the Federated Suns State Command after the Lyran secession in 3057. Ten years later, the AFFC was renamed the AFFS in conjunction with the renaming of the nation.

Medals & Decorations[edit]

These are honors such as medal and decorations are high prized in the AFFS. They are rewarded sparenly, only great heroic deeds are awarded or significate occupliments.[1]

Medal Excalibur
This is AFFS's highest & rarest honor that a individual soldier may be given. The awarded reserved for soldiers whom actions saved regiment, a Davion world or their efforts had obviously resulted in military or social advancement of the Federated Suns. The reward has only been issue less than 40 times since the collapsed of the Star League. Notable individuals who earned the medal include: Lt. Colonel Jessica Dewett, 1st recepitant who saved her group volunteers bought time for their lives to allow people Robinson to be evacuated from Kurtia invasion, Colonel Ardan Sortek, & Major Andrew Redburn.[2] The reward also bestows Knighthood onto whom ever issued this medal. The Medal is gold, with legendary sword of Excalibur placed into anvil.
Sunburst Medal
This medal is issued to Soldier & Civilians for exceptional, duty, devotion, and sarcifice in name of Federated Suns. The medal is given for action such as heroics, economic improvement, and braving political efforts results in great improvement effect for the FedSuns. The medal is given in three ranks of achivements: Silver, Golden, and Diamond. The Diamond, being highest rank of Sunburst, is placed opposite breast of the usual soldier's ribbons & medals are placed. The medal is referred to by its ranking: Silver Sunburst, Golden Sunburst, Diamond Sunburst.
Syrtis Medal of Honor
A Capellan March medal, which can be only given by Field Marshal of the Capellan March. The Medal made from gold, silver, & polished black BattleMech armor. It is shaped in form of the Hasek Family emblem, All-Seeing Eye. The award also grants the recepitant Knighthood within the Capellan March. During the reign of Michael Hasek-Davion, the medal was used a political tool for loyal soldiers and officers.
Robinson Medal of Valor
The medal is exclusive to Draconis March, is similar to Syrtis Medal of Honor. It is issued to whom gone above and beyond call of duty protecting the March. The Medal also bestows Knighthood, titled "Knight Defender of the Draconis March". The medal is colored in burned red color disk with sword and Star of David below it.
Order of Davion
This is exclusive knighthood of the Federated Suns, which recognizes their great loyality to royal Davion Family. They are bestowed for members of various military branches of the AFFS. OD's has badge represents someone who is a member. The badge has red with black fox crouch and ready to strike. Which is also the Davion family crest. Prior to its creation, the medal replaced Crucis Legion & Medal Valors award because of interservice rivalities.
Dragon Slayer Ribbon
This is ribbon created by Hanse Davion & Archon Katrina Steiner in 3024. It was originally Lyran unit commendation for military units whom showed exceptional preformance against Draconis Combine forces. The Ribbon is green with a Draconis Combine Dragon black stripped out. The medal was retired during the regin of Victor Steiner-Davion after an increase closeness for two nation after the Clan Invasion.
Limp Sword Flag
It is a unit commendation for forces whom perform exceptionally well against Capellan Confederation forces. The commendation is in form of parody of House Liao's flag. With bend sword in place of its Katana-like sword being held by broken 'Mech arm. It was originally created by soldier whom was defacing 'Mech he destroyed, insulting then reigning Chancellor with inability to have children. It was later adopted after many soldier carried it on in tradition.


Most units within the AFFS, with the notable exception of the Ceti Hussars, are organized around a BattleMech regiment, which is roughly 108 'Mechs. To this regiment, conventional vehicles (tanks, V.T.O.L.s, etc.), artillery, infantry, and even aerospace fighters that complement the 'Mechs are traditionally attached. In some units, however, the AFFS took this a step further.

Many units within the AFFS are Regimental Combat Teams (RCTs). Front-line RCTs are composed of one 'Mech regiment, three of vehicles, a battalion of artillery, five regiments of infantry, and a fighter wing. Second-line, or militia, RCTs are usually composed of smaller numbers of these supporting forces. Front-line RCTs are usually commanded by a Marshal.

Command Structure[edit]

The AFFS has several layers of command. The first is that of the national authority. Headquarted in the Fox's Den on New Avalon, the Prince and his or her military advisers can effectively control the entirety of the AFFS from the high-tech command bunker. The top layer often concerns itself with matters of overall strategy, planning, and force readiness.

Often, responsibility for localized deployment of military forces belongs to the regional commanders. The Federated Suns is broken into three Marches: the interior Crucis March and the border areas of the Capellan March and Draconis March (though in Dark Ages, there is a fourth March: the Periphery March), which are commanded by Field Marshals. These Marches are further subdivided into Operations Areas: three for the Crucis March and two each for the Capellan and Draconis Marches, which are also commanded by Field Marshals. Within the Crucis March, these OAs are further subdivided into traditional Combat Theaters. On the border Marches, however, the OAs are broken down into Polymorphous Defense Zones (PDZs). Regardless of the name, these regions are commanded by Marshals.

Finally, the AFFS also has brigade commanders. Largely concerned with matters of supply, orders for troop movements that originate from New Avalon pass through brigade commanders. Brigade commanders often hold other roles within the AFFS, such as Field Marshal Andrew Terlecki, Jr. who, in addition to commanding the Deneb Light Cavalry, was named director of the Crucis March in 3067.


The head of AFFS is the First Prince of the Federated Suns who is also the Supreme Marshal of the AFFS. Since the Prince must serve five years in the AFFS in order to become Prince, the AFFS has a long tradition of able leadership and whole-hearted support from the sovereign of the realm. Note that, regardless of the sex of the leader, the title remains "Prince".

Prince's Champion[edit]

Traditionally, the Prince names a Champion who is essentially his or her regent of the AFFS, though the Prince maintains sole authority. The Champion functions as a sort of vice-president, chairing Council meetings when the Prince is unavailable. The Champion is also the chief military adviser to the Prince.

Marshal of the Armies[edit]

Whereas the Prince is responsible for the broad strategic goals of the AFFS, the Marshal of the Armies is responsible for carrying out those goals. Since they are both responsible for the AFFS, the duties of the MotA and Prince's Champion tend to overlap. "First Princess" Katherine used this to confuse the command structure in order to ensure loyalty to her. With the ascension of Regent Yvonne, however, the two offices became united in the person of Jackson Davion. In the 3130s, however, Prince Harrison again divided the two offices, a situation Caleb has seen fit to perpetuate.

High Command[edit]

While technically an advisory body, the High Command is made up of the leaders of various departments within the AFFS. These include the chiefs of Strategy and Tactics, Military Education, Quartermaster, and Military Intelligence. As such, it would be foolish for the Prince to fail to heed the High Command's advice.

Units of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns[edit]

The AFFS is primarily broken down into Corps, though some free regiments and brigades do exist. Only BattleMech units are listed below; conventional forces are considered attached to BattleMech commands for convenience.

Corps/Brigades With Regional Loyalties[edit]

Davion Brigade of Guards[edit]

Insignia of the Davion Brigade of Guards
Parade colors of the 1st Davion Guards

The Davion Brigade of Guards are the descendants of the personal bodyguard that Lucien Davion created to defend the President of the Federated Suns. Over time the Brigade emerged into a modern military unit and was eventually integrated into the AFFS. Today the Royal Brigade serves as the elite of the Davion military, and though it may be a regional formation, its loyalty to House Davion ensures the units' devotions to the Federated Suns as a whole. The Brigade of Guards use the Davion family colors for parades and ceremonial duties, royal blue on the left and right side, bright red in the front and back, and white spacing the blue and red panels.

Atlas BattleMech of the Davion Assault Guards

Avalon Hussars[edit]

Insignia of the Avalon Hussars
Parade colors of the 17th Avalon Hussars

The Avalon Hussars are the descendants of the Terran Alliance Marines that served on the world of New Avalon in the early age of human extraterrestrial colonization. The unit decided to defend New Avalon after being stranded by the Democratic Proclamation, and pledged their loyalty to Lucien Davion when the Crucis Reach joined the Federated Suns. At its zenith, the Avalon Hussars defended the entire Combine border with 26 BattleMech regiments and 32 conventional regiments. Though a shadow of its former glory, today the Hussars are the heart of the AFFS, a group of units loyal to House Davion and to the ideals of the Federated Suns. The Hussar use light gray and unit-specific highlights for ceremonial duties.

BattleMaster of the 33rd Avalon Hussars

Syrtis Fusiliers[edit]

Insignia of the Syrtis Fusiliers
Dervish of the 8th Syrtis Fusiliers
Unit colors of the 5th Syrtis Fusiliers

The Syrtis Fusiliers are the honor guard of the leader of the Capellan March. For that reason their fortunes have been tied to the Hasek family for years. The Hasek Family is an ambitious and often scheming group of leaders that have commanded the Capellan March since the time of Prince Alexander Davion. The Syrtis Fusiliers are respected for their skill in combat but at times have been held in suspicion by an AFFS that questions their loyalty to the First Prince. The brigade fields its vehicles with a standard dark green color scheme.

Robinson Rangers[edit]

Insignia of the Robinson Rangers
Centurion BattleMech of the 1st Robinson Rangers

Starting their life as a brigade of volunteers in the defense of Robinson, the Draconis March capital world, these original volunteers were wiped out in the First Succession War. To honor these volunteers, Prince Peter Davion authorized the construction of two BattleMech regiments, financed by the Duke of Robinson. The Robinson Rangers fought the Draconis Combine in five major conflicts. Two things define the Rangers. Hatred of the Combine, and more importantly, a loyalty to the Duke of Robinson. In the early 3060s, Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion created the Third Rangers. While publicly a move to reinforce the Draconis March, was more a political move, and the unit spent more time on New Avalon than anywhere else. The Third was destroyed during the final battle of New Avalon, with no plans to rebuild the destroyed unit.

New Ivaarsen Chasseurs[edit]

The guardians of the Stephenson family of New Ivaarsen, the New Ivaarsen Chasseurs are loyal to the Duke of Ivaarsen and the AFFS. The unit may be considered poorly equipped, because MechWarriors within the unit have routinely refused upgrades to their family legacies. The New Ivaarsen Chasseurs use a dark blue, red and gold paint scheme for all occasions.

Aragon Borderers[edit]

In actuality an upgraded garrison, the 1st Aragon Borderers are stationed on the Capellan March border world of New Aragon. The unit has been deployed off world, but has been most effective as a counter-insurgency force and short-range strike force. The Aragon Borderers have a blue and white parade paint scheme.

Capellan Dragoons[edit]

The 1st Capellan Dragoons are the traditional guardians of the Duke of Kathil. Raised from mercenaries and Capellan defectors, the AFFS has never truly trusted the Dragoons. The Dragoons were sold the Hasek family early in the 31st century, and have been loaned back to the Duke of Kathil for reasons unknown.

Kestrel Grenadiers[edit]

The 1st Kestrel Grenadiers were the personal guards of the Duke of Kestrel. After the Fourth Succession War, the Grenadiers were gifted Capellan defectors by Prince Hanse Davion, bringing the unit to regimental combat team strength. After training quickly, the unit has deployed twice, against the Draconis Combine and Clan Smoke Jaguar. Both times, the Grenadiers have demonstrated their elite status.

Kittery Borderers[edit]

The 1st Kittery Borderers emerged as an elite garrison during the Succession Wars. Originally a bolstered garrison, the Borderers have participated in raiding the Capellan Confederation for quite some time. The traditional enemies of the Borderers were the St. Ives Armored Cavalry; despite the friendship between the St. Ives Compact and the Federated Suns, it took 30 years before the Borderers had let go of traditional hatreds. No longer an elite unit, the Borderers were the personal vanguard of Kuan-Yin Allard Liao during her mercy missions to the Compact.

Corps/Brigades Constituted From SLDF Units[edit]

Crucis Lancers[edit]

Parade colors of the 1st Crucis Lancers
Insignia of the Crucis Lancers

After General Kerensky's exodus, some Star League soldiers remained in the Inner Sphere. Some of these drifted into the Federated Suns. During the First Succession War, Prince John Davion organized all incomplete units into the Crucis Lancers. The Lancers held tight to some of the traditions of the Star League even as they have fully integrated themselves into the AFFS. Therefore, the modern Crucis Lancers recruit almost exclusively from worlds within the Crucis March. The Crucic Lancers use green and regional highlights for their parade colors.

The 7th Crucis Lancers includes a company known as "The Fox's Teeth", which were originally the famed mercenary unit McKinnon's Raiders.

A 3rd Crucis Lancers Javelin in urban camoflage

Deneb Light Cavalry[edit]

Insignia of the Deneb Light Cavalry
Colors of the 4th Deneb Light Cavalry

During the Star League, the Rapid Deployment Mixed Armed Forces regiments were intended for rapid deployment. After the fall of the Star League, only the 4th Deneb Light Cavalry remained within the Inner Sphere. The unit, stationed on Deneb Kaitos, needed to seek employment with one of the Successor houses in order to support themselves and their families. They chose the Federated Suns because they felt that it was the closest to the ideals of the Star League. The Light Cavalry became an important part of the AFFS and quickly became an important part of their roster with their rapid style of combat. The brigade is also organized in a completely different manner: 1 BattleMech regiment, 2 Hovercraft regiments, 2 Jump Infantry or Battle Armor regiments, 1 engineer unit, 1 ranger battalion, and between 3 and 6 Aerospace Fighter wings. The unit generally fields light tan units for all ceremonial and combat duties, in any theater.

Argyle Lancers[edit]

The 1st Argyle Lancers is one of several SLDF units to join the AFFS after the departure of General Aleksandr Kerensky. The unit is well equipped, but is dependent on assistance due to lack of interstellar transportation. The unit uses black with red and white for ceremonial duties.

Corps/Brigades Without Regional Loyalties[edit]

Federated Commonwealth Corps[edit]

Parade colors of the 1st FedCom RCT

A military Formation founded during the Fourth Succession War and the wedding gift of Melissa Steiner to Hanse Davion, the Federated Commonwealth Corps were massive, regimental combat teams which received the best recruits and war materiel to bolster national pride and a sense of unity. The corp at it height numbered in tweleve RCTs. However, the withdrawl of most of the FedCom Corps in the face of Operation Guerrero has shattered the units' reputation, and the dissolution of the Federated Commonwealth further reduced the number of loyal Corps. Following the Federated Commonwealth Civil War, the 1st FedCom RCT was rechristened the 1st Federated Suns Lancers. The parade colors for the Corps are dark blue and gold banding, with additional gold highlights on the turrets and torso sometimes resulting in a checkered pattern.

Ceti Hussars[edit]

Insignia of the Ceti Hussars
Partisan Tank of the 3rd Ceti Hussars

The Ceti Hussars are a group of units that were created specifically for the short raids. Though successful, the experiment was almost abandoned. At the outset of the Amaris Civil War, the units' value became clear, and its ranks were bolstered with former SLDF soldiers that did not follow Aleksandr Kerensky into the Deep Periphery. The Ceti Hussar's tactics and regimental combat team organization proved its value, especially during the the Third Succession War. Each Hussar Regiment is divided into three small units each centered around a BattleMech Battalion. The unit uses dark blue with red or light blue highlights during ceremonial duties.

Chisholm's Raiders[edit]

Insignia of Chisholm's Raiders

Marshal John Chishom, who was well regarded as an excellent military commander, but constantly critical of the military establishment was forced into retirement in 2892. Going to his homeworld of Colorado, he quickly became bored with retirement and took control of the planetary militia, and began to train them. Soon, word of his activities made it to High Command, where they investigated his training. Chisholm's Raiders proved their mettle and their methods in ensuing war games, where they were pitted against the elite 2nd Crucis Lancers. Eventually the unit was built into two full RCT's. Both were loyal to Katherine in the Civil War, which resulted in their destruction. There are no plans to reconstitute either regiment as of the end of the Civil War.

Federated Suns Armored Cavalry[edit]

The personal project of Prince Ian Davion, the 1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry is a medium-weight formation which specializes speed and firepower. The unit has seen almost constant combat, through raiding missions on the Capellan border. For ceremonial duties, the Armored Cavalry use a simple color scheme of medium green with white highlights.

March Militias[edit]

Capellan and Sarna March Militias[edit]

Capellan March Militia colors are dark green and red. Units are personally loyal to House Hasek, and all harbor deep hatreds of the Capellan Confederation.

Crucis March Militia[edit]

The Crucis March Militia colors are blue, white and red, similar to the Davion Brigade of Guards. As the militias of the Crucis March have not seen combat in quite some time, equipment is very poor.

Draconis March Militia[edit]

The Draconis March Militia colors are deep red. All units are quite loyal to House Sandoval, and chafe at the continued Draconis Combine-Federated Suns detente.

Federated Suns Military Academies[edit]

Albion Military Academy[edit]

Located on the capital of New Avalon,Built in the 2400s. Albion was one of three Star League Military Academies located outside of the Terran Hegemony. After the collapse of the Star League, the Federated Suns took over full administration of the institution. Albion is known for its highly-skilled graduates and boasts a well-known alumni that includes Prince Hanse Davion.

Armstrong Flight Academy[edit]

The AFA is located on Galax, home of Federated-Boeing Interstellar. Both F-BI and AFA benefit from the relationship that has started.

Filtvelt Military Academy[edit]

One of the newest additions to the Department of Military Education, Filtvelt is located near the Periphery. Given its location, many graduates serve with nearby units.

Kilbourne Academy[edit]

While the Kilbourne Academy trains MechWarriors, it is better known for its technicians. Since it is located near the Periphery, it is one of the few centers of learning in the area. Accordingly, non-cadets may attend non-military classes.

New Avalon Institute of Science: College of Military Sciences[edit]

Logo of the NAIS College of Military Sciences
Hatchetman BattleMech in the parade colors of the 1st NAIS Training Cadre

Arguably the most prestigious military academy in the Inner Sphere, CMS turns out high-quality cadets in all military specialties. CMS used to be called NAMA, the New Avalon Military Academy. NAMA was founded during the Star League years after the League took over Albion Military Academy. After NAIS was built around NAMA and far eclipsed it in prestige, however, the institutions were reorganized and NAMA was placed under the jurisdiction of the NAIS. Home to some of the most advanced training equipment in the Inner Sphere, CMS benefits from its close relationship with the NAIS, which seems to rediscover lost technology on a daily basis.

Its large alumni base includes Prince Ian Davion, Morgan Hasek-Davion, Dan Allard, and Duke Kai Allard-Liao.

Point Barrow Military Academy[edit]

Point Barrow is known for quality technicians and engineers.

Robinson Battle Academy[edit]

Located on Robinson, RBA is the principal training academy of the Draconis March. Its graduates are known for their loyalty to the Sandoval family and their hatred of the Draconis Combine and all things Japanese.

Most scions of the Sandoval family attend the Battle Academy, so it enjoys strong support from them.

Sakhara Academy[edit]

Sakhara is one of a handful of private military academies in the Federated Suns. The small school is known for good cadets who form lasting bonds, making it a sort of fraternity.

The War College of Goshen[edit]

Originally founded by a pair of retired Generals from the Capellan Front, the WCG began its life as the Goshen BattleMech Academy. Within a decade, the College had expanded its curriculum to cover all areas of combat from infantry to aerospace and was renamed the War College of Goshen. Renowned both for is philosophical approach and its hands on method to teaching, the WCG produces well-balanced cadets who exhibit a keen understanding of their combat equipment and environment. This is partly due to the fact that all cadets—save infantry—routinely participate in live-fire training exercises.

Additionally, students are noted for their deep roots in academic studies of philosophies of war and peace. No cadet graduates without a comprehensive understanding of the history of warfare, the development of tactics though that history, and a complete education on the governance of the Federated Suns both in wartime and peacetime.

The Warrior's Hall[edit]

Located on New Syrtis, The Warrior's Hall is the principal training academy of the Capellan March. Its graduates are known for their loyalty to the Hasek family and hatred of the Capellan Confederation.

Most scions of the Hasek family attend the Hall, so it enjoys strong support from them.

Military Ranks[edit]

The AFFS has a robust ranking system that is mostly consistent across all branches. Officers show their ranks on the epaulettes of their uniforms, while enlisted ranks are worn on the sleeve. The background color of rank insignia indicates which branch of the AFFS the soldier serves. The service branch color assignments are:

  • Red - MechWarrior
  • Blue - AeroSpace Fighter Pilot
  • Light Green - Infantry
  • Tan/Light Brown - Armor
  • Black - Naval Crew
  • Gray - Technical Services
  • Yellow - Administrative
  • White - Medical
  • Silver - Legal
  • Brown - Logistics and Transportation
AFFS Rank Insignia by Branch of service
Rank MechWarrior AeroSpace Fighter Infantry Armor Naval Crew Technical
Administrative Medical Legal Logistics/
Private First Class
Sergeant Major
Command Sergeant Major
Leftenant Colonel
(Light Commodore)
Leftenant General
(Rear Admiral)
Major General
(Vice Admiral)
(Fleet Admiral)
Field Marshal


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